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Camping at Harry S Truman State Park

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Harry S. Truman State Park is a public recreation area located in the U.S. state of Missouri on a peninsula on the north side of the Truman Reservoir (also known as Truman Lake). This state park offers various recreational opportunities, including camping, and it is important for visitors to be well informed before heading to the park.

Camping Facilities

Campsites: Harry S. Truman State Park offers different types of campsites including:

  • Basic Campsites: These sites have no hookups and are suitable for those looking to tent camp or those with self-contained RVs.
  • Electric Campsites: These offer electric hookups and are suitable for RVs and campers needing a power source.
  • Electric/Water Campsites: These sites have both electricity and water hookups.

Cabin Rentals: For those who prefer a more comfortable stay, the park also has cabins for rent, though availability and amenities can vary.

Group Camping: The park may offer designated areas for group camping, allowing multiple families or a larger party to camp in a specific location.


Booking a campsite at the park is often necessary, especially during peak camping seasons. Reservations can typically be made online or via phone through the state’s park reservation system. It is advised to book well in advance for holidays and weekends due to high demand.

Amenities and Services

Most camping areas will have access to:

  • Restrooms: Modern restrooms are usually available with flush toilets.
  • Showers: Hot showers are often provided for camper convenience.
  • Dump Station: For RVs, a central dump station is often available for waste disposal.
  • Picnic Areas: Many campsites come with a picnic table and a fire ring.
  • Boat Ramps: Access to the Truman Reservoir may be available for boating and water activities.


Camping at Harry S. Truman State Park is just the beginning. The park offers a variety of activities such as:

  • Hiking: Multiple trails cater to both casual walks and more intense hikes.
  • Fishing: The Truman Reservoir is known for crappie, bass, catfish, and other species.
  • Swimming: Designated swimming areas may be available during warm weather months.
  • Wildlife Observation: Naturalists can enjoy bird watching and seeking local wildlife.

Rules and Regulations

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, the park enforces rules that campers must follow:

  • Quiet Hours: Generally enforced to provide a peaceful environment.
  • Pet Policy: Pets are often allowed but must be kept on a leash and attended to at all times.
  • Alcohol Policy: This varies by state park, so check the park’s specific regulations.
  • Firewood: To prevent the spread of invasive species, bringing firewood from outside the area may be restricted.
  • Campsite Occupancy: There are limits on the number of people and vehicles per site.

Safety Concerns

When camping, always prioritize safety by:

  • Weather Awareness: Be prepared for changes in weather and check forecasts.
  • Wildlife Precautions: Store food securely and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Fire Safety: Follow guidelines for campfires and always fully extinguish flames.
  • Water Safety: If participating in water activities, wear life jackets and never swim alone.


Harry S. Truman State Park tries to accommodate visitors of all abilities by offering:

  • Accessible Facilities: Campsites that are ADA accessible with nearby accessible restrooms.
  • Pathways and Trails: Paved paths where possible to facilitate easy access.

Contact Information

Prior to your visit, you may want to obtain the latest information or inquire about specific conditions by contacting the park directly. The contact information for Missouri State Parks can typically be found via their official website or by calling their main information line.


Harry S. Truman State Park offers an array of camping options and outdoor activities suitable for a wide range of preferences and abilities. With proper planning and adherence to park rules and regulations, visitors can ensure a memorable and enjoyable camping experience amidst Missouri's natural beauty.

Map of Campgrounds in Harry S Truman State Park
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