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Camping at Flatiron Reservoir

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Flatiron Reservoir is a 47-acre storage reservoir surrounded by scenic mountains near Loveland in Larimer County, Colorado. It offers outdoor recreational activities like camping, fishing, hiking, and picnicking. Whether you're looking to spend a night under the stars or just enjoy a day in the great outdoors, Flatiron Reservoir provides an affordable and family-friendly option.

Camping Details

  • Reservations: You often need to make reservations beforehand because space can be limited, especially during peak season. This can typically be done online or by phone.
  • Campsites: The campground has sites designed for tents, RVs, and campers, with various amenities depending on the site chosen.
  • Fees: There is a fee for camping which varies based on the type of campsite and the duration of stay.
  • Facilities: Facilities may include picnic tables, fire pits, vault toilets, and potable water. Check in advance, as amenities can change based on the season or management policies.
  • Duration of Stay: There will be limits on the maximum stay, especially during busy seasons to accommodate as many campers as possible.

Fishing and Water Sports

  • Fishing: Flatiron Reservoir is a favorite spot for anglers. It's stocked with trout and other species, and those fishing will need to have a valid Colorado fishing license.
  • Boating: If allowed, boating activities usually have restrictions to protect the water quality and wildlife. This often means no gasoline motors; electric trolling motors may be permitted. Always check on the specific watercraft regulations as they can change annually.

Rules and Regulations

  • Fire Safety: Fire restrictions can be in place depending on the season and weather conditions. Follow all fire regulations strictly to prevent wildfires.
  • Wildlife: The area is rich in wildlife. Always store food securely and keep a safe distance from any animals you might encounter. Do not feed the wildlife.
  • Pets: Pets are usually allowed but must be on a leash and supervised at all times. Clean up after your pet is mandatory.
  • Alcohol and Other Substances: There can be restrictions on alcohol consumption and prohibitions on controlled substances. Check the latest regulations before your visit.

Access and Seasonal Information

  • Accessibility: The roads to Flatiron Reservoir are typically well-maintained, but weather can affect access. In winter, routes can be icy or closed. Always check road conditions before your trip.
  • Seasonal Closures: The campground may have seasonal closures, often during the winter months when weather conditions make camping unsafe or uncomfortable.
  • Local Weather: The weather can change rapidly in the mountains. Be prepared for everything from sunny, hot conditions to sudden rainstorms or even snow, depending on the time of year.

Nearby Attractions

  • Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park: Not far from Flatiron Reservoir, these renowned spots offer additional outdoor activities, from wildlife viewing to miles of hiking trails.
  • Loveland: This nearby city has shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions if you're looking for a break from camping.

Important Contacts

  • Reservation System: Check the specific website or contact the local park service.
  • Emergency Services: For emergencies, dial 911. For non-emergencies, have the local ranger station or park office number handy.
  • Local Ranger Station: Obtain the number for the closest ranger station for assistance with park regulations, permits, and wildlife concerns.

Final Tips

When planning your trip to Flatiron Reservoir, it's essential to review the most current information available from official sources. Campground operations, weather-related issues, or local regulations can all affect your camping experience. Always leave your campsite cleaner than you found it and respect the natural beauty of the area for others to enjoy.

Map of Campgrounds in Flatiron Reservoir
Campgrounds in Flatiron Reservoir
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