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Camping at Camp Nihan

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Location and Overview

Camp Nihan is a versatile outdoor education site located in Saugus, Massachusetts. This forested campgrounds offers an exciting opportunity for young people to learn about the environment and participate in traditional camping activities. It covers 65 acres and lies near the Lynnhurst Elementary School.


The camp boasts a variety of facilities including cabins, tent sites, and yurts (circular tents). Additionally, there is a main lodge equipped with kitchen facilities that can be used for group activities and meal preparations. There are also fire pits and picnic areas for outdoor dining and evening campfires.

Activities and Programs

At Camp Nihan, guests can engage in a range of activities such as:

  • Hiking: With several trails, visitors can explore the natural beauty of the region.
  • Canoeing and Kayaking: Proximity to the Saugus River provides opportunities for water-based adventures.
  • Fishing: Available in the ponds within the campgrounds.
  • Educational Programs: Programs, often led by rangers or naturalists, are aimed at informing campers about the local ecosystem and conservation.

Reservations and Use

  • Group Camping: The camp often caters to group camping, particularly youth groups like scouts or school trips.
  • Public Access: While primarily an educational site, Camp Nihan may also be available to the public; however, availability and access could be limited based on scheduled educational programs and events.

Fees and Regulations

The camp might charge fees for lodging and use of facilities, which are usually modest and contribute to the maintenance of the campgrounds. There are typically rules and regulations in place to ensure safety and protect the natural environment, such as:

  • Fire Safety: Only allowing fires in designated areas and under certain conditions.
  • Trash Disposal: Campers are required to follow the Leave No Trace principle, packing out all garbage.
  • Fishing Licenses: Depending on the local laws, a state fishing license may be required to fish in the ponds.


Camp Nihan is usually accessible during the main camping season, which generally runs from spring to fall. However, the accessibility of specific facilities may vary depending on maintenance schedules, weather conditions, and other considerations.

Contact Information and Reservations

To reserve facilities or to get more information, it's advisable to contact the managing organization directly. You can find contact details via the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) or by searching for the camp's contact info online.

Note: Keep in mind that the details provided here are meant as general information, and specific details about Camp Nihan can change. Always check with the camp or appropriate managing authority for the most current information before planning a visit or outing.

Map of Campgrounds in Camp Nihan
Campgrounds in Camp Nihan
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