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Overview of Kenlake State Resort Park

Kenlake State Resort Park is situated in the western part of Kentucky, in the region known as the Western Waterlands. The park is found on the shores of the beautiful Kentucky Lake, making it a popular destination for water enthusiasts and outdoor lovers.

Location and Accessibility

Kenlake State Resort Park is located at:

  • 542 Kenlake Road
  • Hardin, KY 42048

The park is accessible by car and can be reached from the nearby towns and cities. For specific directions from your location, using a GPS or a map service is recommended.


The park offers a range of accommodations:

  • Lodge Rooms: The Kenlake Hotel offers comfortable rooms with beautiful views of Kentucky Lake.
  • Cottages: There are one, two, and three-bedroom cottages available, which are equipped with modern amenities.
  • Camping: The park offers a campground with campsites suitable for tents and RVs.

Activities and Recreation

  • Boating: With Kentucky Lake at its doorstep, boating is a favorite activity here. The park has a marina offering boat rentals.
  • Fishing: Kentucky Lake is known for excellent fishing, with species like bass, bluegill, and crappie.
  • Hiking: Several trails offer hikes ranging from easy to moderate in difficulty.
  • Tennis: Kenlake has outdoor tennis courts for guests.
  • Swimming: Visitors can enjoy a seasonal outdoor swimming pool.

Dining Options

The park features a restaurant within the Kenlake Hotel, providing a range of dining choices with the convenience of not having to leave the park premises.

Reservation and Contact Information

For booking accommodations, it is best to reserve in advance, especially during peak seasons. You can book through:

  • Online: Visit the Kentucky State Parks website.
  • Phone: Call the park directly for reservations and inquiries.

Park Hours and Fees

Kenlake State Resort Park is generally open year-round, but specific areas such as the campground, pool, and restaurant may have seasonal hours. There might be fees for accommodation, camping, and other services. Visitors should check the latest information about fees and operational hours before planning their trip.

Special Events and Programs

The park may host special events and educational programs seasonally. These can include guided hikes, wildlife viewing opportunities, and various children's programs.

Pet Policy

Pets are generally allowed in the park but must be kept on a leash. There may be restrictions for pets in certain areas and accommodations, so it's best to check the pet policy when booking.

Important Tips for Visitors

  • Check the Weather: Be prepared for changes in weather, especially if you plan to camp or partake in outdoor activities.
  • Safety First: Always follow the park's safety guidelines, especially when boating or hiking.
  • Preserve Nature: Respect the natural environment by not littering and staying on marked trails.
  • Conservation Efforts: Participate in conservation efforts by not disturbing wildlife and habitats.

This overview provides a general idea of what to expect when visiting Kenlake State Resort Park. For the most current and detailed information, it is best to contact the park directly or check the official website before your visit.

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All campsites booked in KENLAKE STATE RESORT PARK? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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