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Camping at Macedonia Brook Picnic Shelter

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Macedonia Brook Picnic Shelter is located within Macedonia Brook State Park in Connecticut. This park is a popular destination for camping, picnicking, and enjoying the scenic beauty of the Taconic and Berkshire Mountain ranges. If you're planning a visit for a picnic or small gathering, it's important to have up-to-date information on the facilities available, rules, and guidelines to ensure a smooth experience.

Reservations and Fees


  • It's recommended to check if the shelter can be reserved ahead of time, especially during peak seasons.
  • You may need to reserve the shelter through Connecticut's official state park website or contact the park directly.


  • There might be a fee to reserve the shelter, and this could vary based on the size of your group and the length of the reservation.
  • Day use fees or parking fees may also apply.

Facilities and Amenities

Facilities at the Shelter:

  • The shelter typically includes picnic tables, grills, and possibly electrical outlets.
  • Restroom facilities are usually within walking distance.

Additional Amenities:

  • Nearby, there may be hiking trails, streams for fishing, and other recreational opportunities.
  • The park might offer trash receptacles, but it's always good practice to carry out what you carry in.

Rules and Regulations

General Rules:

  • Be aware of park opening and closing times.
  • Alcohol is often prohibited in state parks, including Macedonia Brook State Park.
  • Pets might be allowed, but should be kept on a leash.

Shelter-Specific Regulations:

  • There may be a maximum capacity for the number of people allowed at the shelter.
  • Decorations and signage might be permitted, but make sure they do not damage the structure or natural environment.
  • You may need to clean up the shelter area before leaving - leave no trace.

Safety Considerations


  • The shelter provides some protection against sun and rain, but be prepared for changing weather conditions, especially in the mountains.


  • Store food securely and be mindful of the local wildlife. Do not feed the animals.

Emergency Preparedness:

  • Have a first-aid kit on hand.
  • Know the location of the nearest hospital or emergency facility.


  • Check if the shelter and restrooms are accessible to those with disabilities.
  • If accessibility is a concern, contact the park directly for the most current information.

Contact Information

Before heading out, it’s a good idea to contact the park for the most current information regarding the Macedonia Brook Picnic Shelter. Here’s how you can reach them:

  • Park Office: Get the phone number from the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) website.
  • Online: Visit the official DEEP website for Macedonia Brook State Park.

Remember, it's essential to plan ahead, especially if you're organizing a group event at the picnic shelter, to make the most of your visit and ensure compliance with all park policies.

Map of Campgrounds in Macedonia Brook Picnic Shelter
Campgrounds in Macedonia Brook Picnic Shelter
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