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Camping at Kaskaskia Dragon RV Park

Kaskaskia Dragon RV Park
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Kaskaskia Dragon RV Park is a camping facility that offers visitors a chance to camp in proximity to the famous Kaskaskia Dragon, a large sculpture of a dragon that has become a roadside attraction in the region. The RV park provides various amenities and services to enhance the experience of campers and RV enthusiasts who stay at the park. It is located in Vandalia, Illinois.


Full Hook-Up Sites: The RV park is designed to accommodate RVs of various sizes and typically offers full hook-ups, which include water, electricity, and sewer connections.

Picnic Tables and Fire Rings: Each campsite often comes with a picnic table and a fire ring, allowing campers to enjoy outdoor dining and campfires.

Restroom and Shower Facilities: Clean and well-maintained restroom and shower facilities are generally available for the convenience of guests.

Wi-Fi Access: Many modern RV parks provide Wi-Fi access to guests, although the signal strength and speed can vary.

Pet-Friendly Policy: The RV park might be pet-friendly, allowing visitors to bring their four-legged friends along on their camping trip.

Local Attractions

The Kaskaskia Dragon: The primary attraction near the RV park is the Kaskaskia Dragon, an enormous dragon sculpture that breathes fire when activated by a special token. Visitors often stop by to see this unique feature and take photos.

Downtown Vandalia: The nearby town offers shopping, dining, and historic sites, including landmarks from the time when Vandalia was the capital of Illinois.

Recreational Activities: The surrounding area may offer additional activities such as hiking, fishing, or boating, depending on the proximity to local parks and bodies of water.

Booking Information

Visitors interested in staying at Kaskaskia Dragon RV Park should check for the most current booking information. This can include:

  • Advance Reservations: It's wise to make reservations in advance, especially during peak travel seasons or when special events are happening in the area.

  • Rates: Expect different rates for various types of campsites, with pricing potentially differing based on the site's amenities and the season.

  • Cancellation Policy: Be sure to read and understand the park's cancellation policy before making a reservation.

Rules and Regulations

Check-in and Check-out Times: Know the set times for check-in and check-out to plan your arrival and departure accordingly.

Quiet Hours: Respect quiet hours to ensure a peaceful environment for all guests.

Campsite Maintenance: Campers are typically expected to keep their site clean and to dispose of trash properly.

Pets: If the park is pet-friendly, there will be guidelines for pet etiquette, such as keeping pets on leashes and cleaning up after them.

Contact Information

To confirm the details mentioned above and for any specific inquiries, it is best to contact Kaskaskia Dragon RV Park directly. They may have a phone number, email, or website where potential guests can obtain the most current information and make reservations.

Please note, it's important to verify all details with the RV park as the provided information is general and may not fully reflect the specifics of Kaskaskia Dragon RV Park.

Map of Campgrounds in Kaskaskia Dragon RV Park
Campgrounds in Kaskaskia Dragon RV Park
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All campsites booked in Kaskaskia Dragon RV Park? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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