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Camping at Idaho City Yurts

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Overview of Idaho City Yurts

Idaho City Yurts are a popular outdoor recreational option managed by the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. Situated within the Boise National Forest, these yurts provide a comfortable and unique backcountry experience for those who enjoy the great outdoors without the full-on ruggedness of traditional camping.

Types of Yurts Available

There are several yurts available, which may include options like the Banner Ridge Yurt, Elk Meadows Yurt, Skyline Yurt, Stargaze Yurt, Hennessy Yurt, Rocky Ridge Yurt, and Whispering Pines Yurt. Each has its unique features and locations, offering different environmental settings and levels of seclusion.

Accommodations and Amenities

Standard Accommodations:

  • Bunk beds with mattresses (sleeping arrangements vary by yurt)
  • Wood stove for heating
  • Table and chairs
  • Basic cookware and utensils
  • Food prep area
  • Outhouse facilities (no plumbing)

Note: Guests are usually required to bring their sleeping bags, extra insulation for mattresses, personal cookware, food, and water.


Depending on the season, activities can include:

  • Summer: Hiking, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, and exploring nearby hot springs.
  • Winter: Snowshoeing, backcountry skiing, and snowmobiling. Access to the yurts in winter often requires skiing or snowshoeing in.

Booking Information

  • Reservations can be made through the Idaho State Parks & Recreation website or through third-party booking systems.
  • It is common for yurts to be booked months in advance, especially for peak seasons, so early reservations are recommended.

Access and Transportation

  • The route to the yurts can differ; some may be accessible by car while others require a hike or ski in.
  • In winter, access is generally more challenging, and good planning and preparation are critical for safety.
  • Detailed access information is provided at the time of booking or can be obtained from the state parks website.

Safety and Regulations

  • Observe all fire safety guidelines to prevent wildfires.
  • Pack out all trash to keep the environment clean.
  • Be aware of local wildlife and take necessary precautions.
  • Follow any additional rules set by the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation.

Weather Considerations

  • The weather can change rapidly; be prepared for a range of conditions.
  • Always check the weather forecast and be equipped for extreme conditions, particularly if visiting in winter.

Contact Information

For the most up-to-date information, always check with the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation or contact them directly. Specific questions about the yurts, access, bookings, and regulations can be addressed by the relevant authorities managing the yurts.

Concluding Note

Enjoying the Idaho City Yurts requires planning, respect for nature, and readiness for adventure. It's a unique opportunity to enjoy Idaho's beautiful wilderness while having some of the comforts of home.

Map of Campgrounds in Idaho City Yurts
Campgrounds in Idaho City Yurts
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