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Camping at Stratton Brook Day Use Entrance

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Overview of Stratton Brook Day Use Entrance

Stratton Brook State Park, located in Simsbury, Connecticut, offers a variety of outdoor activities, and its Day Use Entrance is a gateway to these experiences. The Day Use area is particularly popular among families and nature enthusiasts.

Activities and Facilities

  • Hiking and Trails: The park has a network of trails suitable for different skill levels, including the accessible and paved trails that are ideal for families and individuals with disabilities.
  • Swimming: A designated swimming area is available during the swimming season, complete with lifeguards on duty at scheduled times.
  • Picnicking: There are numerous picnic tables and grills available for visitors to enjoy a meal outdoors.
  • Fishing: The park's pond is stocked with fish, making it a favorable spot for anglers. Remember to follow Connecticut fishing regulations and have a valid fishing license if required.
  • Biking: Biking is allowed on the park's trails, offering an enjoyable way to explore the surroundings.

Hours of Operation

  • The park typically operates from sunrise to sunset. However, specific times can vary with the seasons, and it's always best to check the latest information on the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) website or contact the park directly.

Admission and Fees

  • There is usually a charge for vehicle entry, which varies depending on the vehicle's license plate (Connecticut-registered or out-of-state). The rates might differ on weekends and holidays. The park often offers free admission to pedestrians and cyclists.

Facility Rentals and Reservations

  • Some facilities like pavilions or larger picnic areas might be available for rent. It's advisable to book in advance through the Connecticut DEEP or reserveamerica.com.


  • The park is known for its accessibility features, including wheelchair-accessible trails and fishing platforms.

Pet Policy

  • Pets are typically allowed but must be kept on a leash. There are areas where pets are not permitted, so it's important to obey the signage and park rules.

Safety and Regulations

  • For the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, Stratton Brook State Park has established a set of rules and regulations, which include no alcohol, obeying posted speed limits, and following lifeguard instructions.

Notes for Visitors

  • Parking: Parking space might be limited, so arriving early on busy days is recommended.
  • Carry-In/Carry-Out: The park often operates on a carry-in/carry-out policy, meaning you are responsible for taking all your trash with you.
  • Weather Considerations: Always check the forecast before visiting and plan accordingly. Some park facilities might be closed due to severe weather.

Contact Information and Address

If you need to contact the park for any inquiries or to confirm information, details are usually available through the Connecticut DEEP's official website. The park's physical address is often provided for the use of GPS navigation.

Before planning your visit, it's a good practice to check the most recent updates regarding hours, fees, and any special advisories that might impact your trip. Remember that state park regulations and conditions can change, so staying informed will help ensure a pleasant and safe experience at Stratton Brook Day Use Entrance.

Map of Campgrounds in Stratton Brook Day Use Entrance
Campgrounds in Stratton Brook Day Use Entrance
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