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Camping at Woodland Opera House State Historic Park

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Overview of Woodland Opera House State Historic Park

Woodland Opera House State Historic Park, located in Woodland, California, is a historic site rather than a traditional camping destination. It features a restored 19th-century opera house that has been designated as a California Historical Landmark and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The opera house, built in 1885 and rebuilt after a fire in 1892, is a testament to the cultural aspirations of the growing communities in California during that period.

Camping Information

As the Woodland Opera House is not a typical state park with campsites, you won't find conventional camping facilities such as tent sites, RV hookups, or campgrounds. Here is the relevant information for visitors interested in the park:


  • The Woodland Opera House is located at 340 2nd Street, Woodland, CA 95695.

Visiting Hours:

  • The park is typically open during event hours, as it is now a functioning theater. It's best to check the official website or contact the park directly for current visiting hours and event schedules.


  • The park offers tours that can provide in-depth historical information about the Opera House and the era it comes from. These tours are often available by appointment.


  • The Woodland Opera House is an active venue for cultural events, including plays, musicals, concerts, and other performances.

Nearby Camping Alternatives

If you are looking to camp in the vicinity of Woodland, you will need to look at nearby state parks or campgrounds. Some potential alternatives include:

Lake Solano County Park:

  • This park offers year-round camping and is situated along Putah Creek. It is a scenic spot ideal for fishing, canoeing, and birdwatching.

Cache Creek Regional Park Campground:

  • Located to the north of Woodland, this campground offers a wilderness experience with opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, and experiencing local wildlife.

Yolo County’s Grasslands Regional Park:

  • Although primarily for day-use, this park offers designated camping on a limited basis. It is also near the city of Davis, which is a short drive from Woodland.

Reservation and Contact Information

For specific information about events, tours, or other inquiries related to the Woodland Opera House State Historic Park, reservations for performances, and tour scheduling, it is recommended to contact the park directly:

Contact Details:

  • Phone number and email address can be found on their official website or through the California State Parks website.


Please note that it's important to verify any information with official sources before making travel plans, as details can change due to various factors like renovation work, special events, or environmental conditions.

Map of Campgrounds in Woodland Opera House State Historic Park
Campgrounds in Woodland Opera House State Historic Park
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