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Camping at Six Rivers National Forest

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Location and Overview

Six Rivers National Forest is located in the northwestern corner of California and is named for the six major rivers that run within its boundaries: the Smith, Klamath, Trinity, Mad, Van Duzen, and Eel. The forest encompasses nearly one million acres of land, ranging from the foggy coast to the eastern oak woodlands.

Camping Options

Camping in Six Rivers National Forest can range from developed campgrounds with amenities to remote backcountry sites that require hiking to access. Here are the main types of camping available:

  • Developed Campgrounds: These campgrounds have facilities such as picnic tables, fire rings, restrooms, and sometimes potable water. Reservations can be made for some sites, while others are first-come, first-served.
  • Dispersed Camping: For a more secluded experience, dispersed camping is allowed in many parts of the forest. Campers must follow the Leave No Trace principles and be self-sufficient.
  • Backcountry Camping: For those looking for a wilderness experience, backcountry camping is available. Permits may be required, and campers should be prepared for changing conditions and pack out all waste.

Permits and Regulations

  • Campfire Permits: All campers who wish to use a fire, camp stove, or barbecue outside of a developed campground may need a California Campfire Permit.
  • Wilderness Permits: Some wilderness areas within the forest may require a permit for overnight stays. These are typically free and can often be self-issued at trailheads.
  • Rules and Regulations: There are general rules to follow, such as fire safety, food storage to protect wildlife, and prohibitions on littering and damaging natural resources.


  • Hiking and Backpacking: With hundreds of miles of trails, Six Rivers offers opportunities for short day hikes to multi-day backpacking trips.
  • Fishing: The rivers and streams are home to salmon, steelhead, and trout, making it a great destination for anglers.
  • Water Recreation: Kayaking, rafting, and swimming are popular activities in the various rivers.
  • Wildlife Viewing: The forest is home to diverse wildlife, including black bears, ospreys, and many species of fish.

Safety Tips

  • Wildlife: Store food properly and be bear aware. Never feed wild animals.
  • Weather Conditions: Weather can change rapidly, so pack for all conditions and check forecasts.
  • Water Safety: Rivers can be swift and cold; always use caution when near or in the water.
  • Fire Safety: Follow all fire regulations and be prepared to put out campfires completely.


Accessible facilities and services are available at some campgrounds. Visitors with disabilities can check in advance with the forest service for detailed information about accessibility options.

Contacts and Resources

Before heading to Six Rivers National Forest, it's a good idea to contact the Forest Service for the latest information on camping, permits, and conditions. They can also provide valuable resources such as maps and trail guides.

  • Forest Service Website: For the most current information and any alerts or closures.
  • Local Ranger Stations: Can provide personalized information and assistance for your trip.
  • Regional Tourist Information Centers: Offer additional local insights and potential travel tips for the area.


Six Rivers National Forest offers a variety of camping experiences for nature enthusiasts. Whether you prefer a developed campground or a solitary backcountry adventure, ensuring you are well-informed of the regulations and conditions will lead to a safer and more enjoyable experience. Always plan ahead and prepare to embrace the rugged beauty of Six Rivers National Forest responsibly.

Map of Campgrounds in Six Rivers National Forest
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