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Camping at Pigeon Point State Historic Park

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Pigeon Point State Historic Park is a coastal park featuring the iconic 115-foot Pigeon Point Lighthouse, one of the tallest lighthouses in the United States. The park is located on the central coast of California, about 50 miles south of San Francisco and about five miles south of Pescadero in San Mateo County. The landmark lighthouse has been guiding ships since its completion in 1872.

Camping at Pigeon Point

Camping Availability: As of my last knowledge update in early 2023, there is no traditional camping facility available directly at Pigeon Point State Historic Park. Visitors interested in camping may need to look for nearby campgrounds or state parks.

Nearby Camping Options:

  • Butano State Park: Situated in the Santa Cruz Mountains with redwoods, it offers camping options.
  • Costanoa Lodge: This is an eco-adventure resort near Pigeon Point that offers various accommodations, including camping and RV options.

Redwood Camping: For those interested in camping among redwoods, Butano State Park is a nearby option that provides a classic redwood camping experience.

Lighthouse Hostel

Hostel Accommodations: While there is no camping in the park, Pigeon Point has a hostel located in the former lighthouse keepers' housing quarters. Visitors can stay overnight in a unique setting close to the lighthouse and enjoy the coastal scenery.

Park Activities

Lighthouse Tours: The park typically offers guided history walks and tours of the lighthouse grounds. Check with the park for current tour availability and schedules.

Wildlife and Nature Viewing: Visitors can enjoy watching marine life, such as seals and whales, from the park's observation deck. The park serves as an excellent location for birdwatching as well.

Tide Pools: At low tide, the area's tide pools are accessible and offer a look at a variety of sea creatures.

Photography: The lighthouse and surrounding landscape provide scenic backdrops for photography enthusiasts.

Regulations and Safety

Park Regulations:

  • Visitors should respect historical structures and not attempt to climb the lighthouse or access closed areas.
  • Wildlife and natural resources are protected; do not disturb the wildlife or remove any natural elements from the park.
  • Dogs are typically allowed in certain areas but must be on a leash; check for specific pet rules.

Safety Precautions:

  • Always be aware of the ocean conditions, as waves and tides can be unpredictable.
  • Stick to designated paths and observation areas for personal safety and to protect the environment.

Fire and Cooking: Fires are generally restricted to designated areas, and open fires may not be allowed due to wildfire risk. Portable stoves may be permitted, but always check current regulations before planning a cookout.

Visitor Information

Opening Hours: Pigeon Point State Historic Park is usually open from sunrise to sunset. However, hours may vary for the hostel and the lighthouse area; it's best to check ahead of time for any updates or changes.

Entrance Fees: There are typically no entrance fees for day use of the park, but there might be parking or tour fees.

Visitor Center and Shop: The park usually has a visitor center with educational exhibits and a gift shop where you can find souvenirs.

For the most accurate and current information about camping options, hostel stays, park rules, and activities, always contact the park directly or visit the official California State Parks website before planning your visit. Regulations and available services may have changed since my last update.

Map of Campgrounds in Pigeon Point State Historic Park
Campgrounds in Pigeon Point State Historic Park
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All campsites booked in Pigeon Point State Historic Park? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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