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Camping at Los Angeles State Historic Park

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Location and Access

Los Angeles State Historic Park is conveniently located close to downtown Los Angeles. The address is:

1245 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

The park is easily accessible by public transportation, bicycle, and car. There is a parking lot available for visitors, although spaces may be limited during peak hours or events. Check the park’s official website or contact the park directly for information on parking fees and availability.


The park is typically open from 8:00 a.m. until sunset daily. However, operating hours can vary and may be subject to change due to special events or maintenance. It is recommended to verify the hours before planning your visit.

Camping Information

Camping is not typically a feature of Los Angeles State Historic Park. It is more of a day-use urban park intended for picnics, walking, jogging, and recreational activities. If you are looking for camping experiences around Los Angeles, you might consider other locations, such as nearby state parks or national forests.

Park Amenities

While camping might not be available, the park offers a variety of amenities which include:

  • Walking paths: A great spot for an urban hike or a relaxing stroll.
  • Open spaces: Suitable for picnics, exercise, and outdoor games.
  • Cultural events: The park hosts various events throughout the year, including music festivals, cultural celebrations, and community gatherings.
  • Educational programs: There are often opportunities to learn about the history of the area and the environment through guided tours and exhibits.

Rules and Regulations

As with all state parks, there are specific rules designed to ensure safety and preservation of the park:

  • Barbecues and fires might be restricted to designated areas.
  • It is important to dispose of trash properly to maintain the cleanliness and environmental health of the park.
  • Dogs are usually welcome but must be kept on a leash.
  • Alcohol consumption is generally not permitted unless during a park-sanctioned event.

Nearby Camping Options

If you are set on camping, here are some nearby alternatives where camping is offered:

  • Malibu Creek State Park: Offers camping facilities and is approximately an hour's drive from downtown Los Angeles.
  • Leo Carrillo State Park: Situated along the coast, it has family campsites, back-country hiking, and beautiful beaches.
  • Angeles National Forest: Provides a more rustic camping experience with campsites suitable for tents and RVs.

Contact Information

For the most current information, you can contact the park:

Always check for the latest updates directly from the California State Parks official website or by contacting the park, especially in case of special events or natural occurrences that might affect availability and services.

Map of Campgrounds in Los Angeles State Historic Park
Campgrounds in Los Angeles State Historic Park
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