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Camping at La Purisima Mission State Historic Park

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Location and Overview

La Purisima Mission State Historic Park is located in Lompoc, California. It's a park rich with California history, as it preserves La Purisima Mission, one of the 21 California missions founded by Spanish Franciscans along California's coast. This specific mission was established in 1787.

Camping Information

Camping Facilities: As of my knowledge cutoff date, La Purisima Mission State Historic Park does not offer camping facilities. It is primarily a day-use park where visitors can explore the mission, hike on its trails, and engage in interpretive programs.

Nearby Camping Options: Those who wish to camp close to the park might need to look at nearby state parks or private campgrounds. Here are a few options:

  • Jalama Beach County Park: Offers campsites and is roughly a 45-minute drive from La Purisima Mission.
  • River Park Campground: Located in Lompoc, this offers another nearby camping option.
  • Gaviota State Park: This park is about an hour's drive south of La Purisima and offers camping near the beach.

Park Activities

Historical Tours and Exhibits:

  • Visitors can explore the mission buildings, the church, workshops, living quarters, and more.
  • The park frequently offers living history events, demonstrating the mission-era crafts and activities.

Hiking: The park has about 25 miles of hiking trails. The trails vary in difficulty and offer scenic views of the surrounding area, including the chance to see local wildlife and native plants.

Educational Activities:

  • School and group tours are available and can provide educational experiences related to California history.
  • The visitor center may offer displays and information about the mission and its history.

Operating Hours and Fees


  • The park is usually open daily, though hours may vary throughout the year.
  • It's essential to check the California State Parks website or contact the park directly for current information.


  • There may be a day-use fee for the park.
  • Educational and group programs may have separate fees, so prior arrangement is advised.

Contact and Additional Information

  • Website: You can visit the California State Parks website for the most current information on La Purisima Mission State Historic Park.
  • Phone: Contact the park directly for specific questions and to check on current conditions or to arrange group activities.


  • Weather: Lompoc can have variable weather, so be prepared with appropriate clothing.
  • Wildlife: As with any park, be aware of local wildlife and follow park guidelines to safeguard both you and the animals.
  • Preservation: Respect the historical site by not damaging structures and following all park rules.

For any type of camping, it's always a good idea to reserve spots well in advance during peak seasons and to be fully aware of any special park regulations or advisories.

Map of Campgrounds in La Purisima Mission State Historic Park
Campgrounds in La Purisima Mission State Historic Park
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