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Camping at Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area

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Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) is a well-known off-highway vehicle (OHV) park located near Gorman, California. It offers over 19,000 acres of scenic land replete with hills, trails, and open spaces for off-road enthusiasts. Catering to all skill levels, it is the second largest unit of California State Park's Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division.

Camping Information


  • Hungry Valley offers camping at various primitive campgrounds. These include Smith Forks, Sterling Canyon, and Lane Ranch Camp. These campgrounds typically provide basic facilities such as picnic tables, fire rings, and restrooms.


  • Generally, campsites at Hungry Valley SVRA are available on a first-come, first-served basis. For certain peak times or large events, it may be possible to reserve in advance. Always check the latest guidelines prior to planning your trip.

Camping Fees:

  • There is usually a fee for overnight camping, which is separate from the day use fee.

Camping Seasons:

  • Camping is allowed year-round; however, the best time to visit is typically during the spring and fall when temperatures are more moderate.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Fires are allowed only in the provided fire rings or camp stoves, and during certain times of the year, may be prohibited due to fire danger.
  • All vehicles must remain on designated trails.
  • Quiet hours are generally enforced to ensure a peaceful environment for all campers.

OHV Riding Information


  • Hungry Valley SVRA has over 130 miles of marked trails for motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes, and 4WD vehicles, ranging from beginner to advanced.

Safety Requirements:

  • Helmets are required for all riders on ATVs or motorcycles.
  • All vehicles must meet sound requirements, often 96 decibels or less.
  • Flags for visibility are recommended and sometimes required, depending on the vehicle type.

OHV Registration:

  • All vehicles must be registered with either a green or red sticker, depending on the model year and emissions certifications.

Facilities and Amenities

Onsite Facilities:

  • The park has basic restrooms and some have showers available.
  • Picnic tables and BBQ pits are scattered throughout the campgrounds.
  • A visitor center can provide maps and additional information about the park.

Nearby Amenities:

  • Food and other basic supplies may be found in the nearby town of Gorman.
  • Fuel and repair services for off-highway vehicles are also found in surrounding areas.

Access and Contact Info


  • The Hungry Valley SVRA is located along Interstate 5, approximately one hour north of Los Angeles.

Contact Information:

  • Before heading out, it's advisable to contact the park directly or visit the California State Parks website for the latest information on conditions and restrictions. The park's contact information is usually provided on the website as well.

Environmental Stewardship

Responsible Riding:

  • All visitors are encouraged to respect the park’s natural resources by staying on designated trails to prevent soil erosion and disturbance to wildlife.

Preserving the Area:

  • Understanding and adhering to all rules helps in preserving the integrity of the park's ecosystem for future generations.

Remember that conditions, fees, and regulations can change, so always check with the park directly for the most current information before making travel arrangements or heading out.

Map of Campgrounds in Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area
Campgrounds in Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area
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