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Camping at Deschutes River State Recreation Area

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Deschutes River State Recreation Area is a picturesque natural area located in central Oregon at the confluence of the Deschutes and Columbia rivers. It's known for its scenic beauty, plentiful outdoor recreation activities, and accessibility for all levels of outdoor enthusiasts.


The park is situated off U.S. Highway 30, near the town of Biggs Junction, Oregon. It's at the eastern edge of the Columbia River Gorge, approximately a 2-hour drive from Portland, Oregon.

Camping Facilities and Reservations

  • The park offers a variety of camping options, including tent sites, RV sites with full hookups, and group sites for larger gatherings.
  • Amenities typically include restrooms, showers, picnic areas, and fire pits.
  • Reservations can usually be made in advance through the Oregon State Parks website or a reservation service, depending on the season and availability.
  • Some spots might be reserved for first-come, first-served visitors, but it is best to check the current policy before planning your trip.


  • Hiking: There are several miles of trails suitable for hikers of all skill levels, offering stunning views of the river canyons and surrounding landscape.
  • Fishing: The park is a popular spot for fishing, with the Deschutes River known for its steelhead, trout, and salmon runs.
  • Water Recreation: Kayaking, rafting, and other water sports are popular on the Deschutes and Columbia rivers. Be mindful of the water conditions and regulations.
  • Cycling: Bikers can enjoy trails in the park or tackle a portion of the state's scenic bikeways, which run nearby.
  • Wildlife and Bird Watching: The area supports diverse wildlife, including many bird species, making it a great spot for birders.

Rules and Regulations

  • Fires: Check for any fire bans or restrictions, especially during dry or hot periods. Use designated fire areas when fires are allowed.
  • Pets: Pets are typically allowed but must be kept on a leash and supervised. Always clean up after your pets.
  • Quiet Hours: Observe all posted quiet hours to ensure a peaceful experience for all campers.
  • Leave No Trace: Pack out what you pack in and leave the area as you found it to help preserve the natural beauty.

Seasonal Information

  • Weather: The region can experience extreme temperatures, with hot summers and cold winters. Always check the forecast and come prepared for the expected weather.
  • Peak Seasons: Summer months tend to be the busiest. Consider visiting in the shoulder seasons of spring or fall for fewer crowds.

Safety Tips

  • Hydration: Always have plenty of water, especially during the hot summer months, as the area can be quite arid.
  • Wildlife Encounters: Know how to handle any wildlife you might encounter and store food appropriately to prevent attracting animals to your campsite.
  • River Safety: Respect the power of the rivers, be aware of current conditions, and always wear a life vest when on the water.

Before heading out, it's essential to check the latest information with Oregon State Parks or the local park management for any changes in conditions, regulations, or facilities. This ensures you have a safe and enjoyable camping experience at the Deschutes River State Recreation Area.

Map of Campgrounds in Deschutes River State Recreation Area
Campgrounds in Deschutes River State Recreation Area
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