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Camping at San Buenaventura State Beach

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San Buenaventura State Beach is a beautiful coastal park located in the city of Ventura, California. It offers expansive sandy beaches, a scenic setting, picnic areas, and a variety of recreational activities, making it a popular destination for campers, surfers, and beachgoers.

Camping Information

Day Use and Picnicking:

  • There is no traditional camping with tents or campers allowed on San Buenaventura State Beach. However, the park provides day-use facilities for picnicking and other activities.
  • Visitors can enjoy picnicking at tables available throughout the park, with some offering fire rings for barbecues.

RV Camping:

  • For RV campers, San Buenaventura does not have its own RV facilities, but there are nearby campgrounds that cater to RVs, such as Emma Wood State Beach, which is approximately 3 miles northwest of San Buenaventura.

Group Activities:

  • The beach provides group areas that can be reserved for large gatherings or events.

Recreational Activities

Swimming and Surfing:

  • San Buenaventura is a choice spot for swimming and surfing due to its impressive waves and clear waters. Lifeguard services are typically available during peak seasons.

Biking and Skating:

  • The park features a biking path that runs along the coastline, perfect for biking and skating.


  • Fishing is allowed from the shore; however, be sure to check for any fishing regulations before you go.

Beach Volleyball:

  • There are beach volleyball courts set up for public use.

Nature and Wildlife Viewing:

  • The area boasts a diverse array of plant and animal life, with opportunities for bird watching and marine life observation.


  • Restrooms and outdoor showers are conveniently located throughout the park.
  • A concession stand offers food and beach-related retail items during peak seasons.


  • The park aims to be accessible to all visitors, with beach wheelchairs available upon request.

Fees and Reservations

  • There may be an entrance fee for day use of the park. These fees go toward the maintenance and upkeep of state parks.
  • For group areas or special events, reservations are recommended and can be made through the California State Parks reservation system.

Local Attractions

  • The historic Ventura Pier is within walking distance and offers additional recreational and dining options.
  • Downtown Ventura is nearby, with shopping, restaurants, and cultural attractions.


  • Observe all posted rules regarding fires, pets, alcohol consumption, and vehicle parking.
  • Preserve the beach's natural beauty by adhering to Leave No Trace principles: pack out what you pack in.
  • Be respectful of wildlife and plant life—do not disturb or remove any natural features.

Safety Tips

  • Always supervise children, especially near the water.
  • Check local weather and surf conditions before heading to the beach.
  • Be aware of the potential for strong currents and riptides—swim near a lifeguard if possible.
  • Apply and reapply sunscreen throughout the day, and stay hydrated.

Visitors seeking a camping experience at or near San Buenaventura State Beach are advised to plan ahead, make reservations where required, and respect the natural environment to ensure a peaceful and enjoyable visit.

Map of Campgrounds in San Buenaventura State Beach
Campgrounds in San Buenaventura State Beach
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All campsites booked in San Buenaventura State Beach? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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