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Camping at Prince William Sound

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Introduction to Prince William Sound

Prince William Sound is a vast and scenic expanse of ocean, islands, and fjords located on the south coast of Alaska. It is famous for its stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and outdoor recreational activities, including camping. Before setting out on a camping trip to Prince William Sound, it's essential to gather important information to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Geography & Climate

Prince William Sound is characterized by a temperate maritime climate. The region can experience heavy rainfall, and even in the summer months, temperatures can be cool. It is essential to prepare for a wide range of weather conditions.

Camping Locations

There are both public and private campgrounds throughout Prince William Sound. Some of the key areas where you can camp include:

  • Whittier: A gateway to Prince William Sound, offering access to various marine and forest camping sites.
  • Valdez: Known for its proximity to glaciers and waterfalls, providing a picturesque camping experience.
  • Cordova: Situated on the eastern side of Prince William Sound, offers a mix of camping options in a less crowded setting.

Types of Camping

  • Tent Camping: The most traditional type of camping available in several public lands and designated campgrounds.
  • RV Camping: Some campgrounds in the region can accommodate RVs, though size limitations may apply.
  • Backcountry Camping: Experienced campers can opt for backcountry camping in the Chugach National Forest, provided they adhere to Leave No Trace principles.

Permits & Regulations

  • Camping Permits: Some public lands may require permits for camping, especially for backcountry trips.
  • Fishing Licenses: If you plan on fishing while camping, a valid Alaska fishing license is necessary.
  • Wildlife Regulations: It's essential to follow guidelines for storing food and dealing with wildlife, particularly bears, to ensure safety.

Facilities & Amenities

Facilities can vary widely, from primitive sites with no services to developed campgrounds with basic amenities like toilets and potable water. It's important to research and select a campground that fits your needs.

Access & Transportation

  • Boat Access: Many areas in Prince William Sound are only accessible by boat. Renting a water taxi or taking a ferry is common.
  • Road Access: Some areas are accessible by road, particularly near Whittier and Valdez.

Safety Considerations

  • Weather Preparedness: Given the unpredictable weather, carry appropriate gear, such as waterproof clothing and layers.
  • Tide Knowledge: If camping near the shore, be aware of tides to avoid dangerous situations.
  • Bear Safety: Know how to store food and handle bear encounters.

Environmental Considerations

To minimize human impact on the pristine environment of Prince William Sound, practice Leave No Trace principles, which include packing out all trash, camping on durable surfaces, and respecting wildlife.


In addition to camping, visitors to Prince William Sound can enjoy kayaking, fishing, wildlife viewing, and glacier tours. There are many trails for hiking and opportunities for bird watching as well.

Planning Tips

  • Book in Advance: For campgrounds with limited space, book your spot well in advance.
  • Travel Insurance: Consider getting travel insurance that covers remote medical evacuation.
  • Local Guidelines: Always check for the latest information from local ranger stations or tourism offices before departing.


Camping in Prince William Sound is an extraordinary experience, but it requires preparation and respect for the natural environment. By gathering all necessary information and planning carefully, campers can have a memorable and safe trip in this breathtaking part of Alaska.

Map of Campgrounds in Prince William Sound
Campgrounds in Prince William Sound
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