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Camping at Fielding Lake State Recreation Area

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Fielding Lake State Recreation Area is a scenic camping spot located in the Alaska Range, known for its stunning mountain views and outdoor recreational opportunities. It is a relatively small and remote park, which offers an intimate connection with nature.


Fielding Lake State Recreation Area is situated in the Interior region of Alaska, about 200 miles from Fairbanks. The exact location can be found along the Richardson Highway and is part of the Delta Junction area.

Camping Facilities

Basic Campsites: The recreation area typically provides basic facilities for campers. You'll find a number of campsites that can accommodate tents and small trailers. These sites are usually on a first-come, first-served basis.

Amenities: Depending on the time of your visit, you may find outhouses, picnic tables, and fire pits at the sites. Water and electricity hookups are generally not available, so be prepared for a more rustic camping experience.


Fishing: Fielding Lake is a popular location for fishing, especially for Arctic Grayling and Lake Trout. Always check for the latest fishing regulations and seasons before you head out.

Boating: If you have a canoe, kayak, or small boat, the lake provides a serene setting for paddling and exploring.

Hiking and Wildlife: For those interested in hiking and wildlife observation, the surrounding area offers gorgeous trails and the opportunity to see a variety of Alaskan wildlife, including moose, bears, and numerous bird species.

Winter Sports: During the winter season, the park can be accessed for activities like cross-country skiing, snow machining, and ice fishing.

Things to Remember

  • Seasonal Operation: The park may not be accessible year-round due to snow and harsh weather conditions, especially during the winter months. Check the current status before planning your trip.
  • Bear Country: It is bear country, so proper food storage and bear awareness are crucial.
  • Pack it in, Pack it out: As with most remote Alaskan campsites, you're expected to pack out whatever you bring in.
  • Self-Sufficiency: Due to its remote location, ensure you bring sufficient supplies, including water, food, and emergency gear.
  • Permits and Fees: There may be a fee for camping or a requirement to obtain a permit; verify this with the Alaska Department of Natural Resources before your trip.

How to Get There

The most common way to reach Fielding Lake State Recreation Area is by driving along the Richardson Highway. It is a remote location, so ensure your vehicle is in good condition and you have necessary emergency supplies, as services are limited.

Contact Information

For the most current information, it is best to contact the Alaska State Parks office that manages the recreation area or visit their official website. They can provide updates on conditions, fees, and any restrictions that may be in place.

Map of Campgrounds in Fielding Lake State Recreation Area
Campgrounds in Fielding Lake State Recreation Area
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