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Camping at Sandpit Campground

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Sandpit Campground is located within Sand Hollow State Park, a popular recreational destination in Utah known for its stunning red sandstone landscapes, blue waters, and diverse outdoor activities. Sand Hollow State Park encompasses the Sand Hollow Reservoir and is situated near the town of Hurricane, close to Zion National Park and St. George.

Camping Facilities

The Sandpit Campground offers a range of camping options, including sites for both tents and RVs. The campsites typically feature:

  • Picnic tables
  • Fire rings
  • Grills
  • Shade structures (in some sites)
  • Modern restrooms with showers are available nearby.

Electric hookups are available at many of the RV sites, and a dump station is typically accessible for RV campers' convenience.


The park is well-known for a wide range of activities, such as:

  • Swimming: The clear blue waters of the reservoir are ideal for swimming.
  • Boating: There is a boat ramp for easy access to water-based activities, including water skiing and wakeboarding.
  • ATV Riding: Sandpit Campground is favored by off-roading enthusiasts because it provides direct access to the park's extensive dune area.
  • Fishing: Sand Hollow Reservoir is well-stocked with fish, and fishing is a favorite pastime here.
  • Hiking: There are trails around the park for hikers to explore the beautiful desert scenery.

Reservations and Fees

Reservations are recommended, especially during peak season, and can typically be made online through the Utah State Parks reservation system or by phone. Fees for camping vary based on the type of site and amenities, and there is usually a separate entrance fee for the park.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Sand Hollow State Park is located in a desert climate, which means it can get very hot during the summer months, with temperatures often exceeding 100°F (38°C). The best time to visit is generally in the spring or fall when the weather is milder. Remember to bring ample water, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing for the season and temperature fluctuations.

Rules and Regulations

  • Pets: Pets are allowed in the campground but must be kept on a leash.
  • Fires: Fires are permitted only in designated fire rings or grills.
  • Quiet Hours: The campground enforces quiet hours, typically from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  • Vehicle Restrictions: There may be restrictions on the length of RVs and number of vehicles per campsite. Check the latest campground information for specifics.


Accessibility features such as paved pathways and accessible restroom facilities are often available; however, it's always best to check current conditions and availability of accessible features when making reservations if you have specific needs.

Additional Tips

  • Watercraft Inspections: Because of concerns about invasive species, all watercraft must be inspected before launching into Sand Hollow Reservoir.
  • Preparation: Be prepared for the natural environment, which includes not only the hot sun but also wildlife such as insects and reptiles.
  • Conservation: As with all natural areas, it's important to follow Leave No Trace principles to minimize your impact on the park's environment.

For the most current information, contact the park directly or visit the Utah State Parks official website before planning your trip to Sandpit Campground in Sand Hollow State Park.

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