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Camping at Overlook Day Use Campground in Texas

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Overlook Day Use Campground is a recreation area within the Lake O' The Pines complex in East Texas. Managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Lake O' The Pines encompasses an array of facilities for day users and overnight campers.

Location and Access

The Overlook Day Use Campground is situated at Lake O' The Pines, near the towns of Jefferson and Ore City in Texas. It provides scenic views of the lake and is accessible by car via local roads. Exact directions should be confirmed using a park map or a GPS device.

Facilities and Activities

Day Use Facilities:

  • Picnic Tables
  • Grills
  • Restrooms
  • Children's Playground

Visitors can engage in several activities, including:

  • Picnicking
  • Fishing
  • Bird Watching
  • Hiking
  • Photography

Hours and Fees

Hours of operation for day-use areas usually range from dawn to dusk. There might be a day-use fee applicable on a per vehicle basis. It is recommended to confirm current day-use fees and hours by contacting the Lake O' The Pines project office directly or checking their website before planning your visit.

Camping Information

While Overlook may primarily serve as a day-use area, Lake O' The Pines also offers multiple campsites for overnight camping in other parts of the park with varied facilities:

Camping Facilities Typically Include:

  • Tent Pads
  • RV Hook-ups
  • Restrooms with Showers
  • Fire Rings or Grills
  • Dump Stations

Booking and Reservations

Day-use areas generally do not require reservations, but it is wise to arrive early during peak seasons to secure a spot. For camping at other sites within Lake O' The Pines, you'll probably need a reservation, which can typically be made online through Recreation.gov or by calling their reservation line.

Park Rules and Regulations

  • Littering is prohibited; Leave No Trace principles are encouraged.
  • Pets must be on a leash at all times.
  • Local fishing regulations must be followed, including those pertaining to licenses.
  • Alcohol consumption might be subject to state and federal regulations within the park area.
  • Safety measures should be followed, especially when on the water or hiking.

Contact Information

To get the most current information, it's best to contact the managing authority directly:

Lake O' The Pines Project Office

  • Address: [Insert Address]
  • Phone: [Insert Phone Number]
  • Website: [Insert Website URL]

Note: Addresses, phone numbers, and websites should be searched for as they can frequently change and might not be included here due to the dynamic nature of contact information.


Visiting Overlook Day Use Campground at Lake O' The Pines in Texas can be a delightful way to spend a day outdoors, whether you're picnicking, fishing, or simply taking in the natural beauty. However, overnight camping may require booking at other sites around the lake. Proper planning, respecting the environment, and following park rules will help ensure a pleasant and safe experience for all visitors.

Location of Overlook Day Use Campground in Texas
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