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Camping at Lawrence Recreation Area

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Location and Access

Lawrence Recreation Area is situated along Cowanesque Lake within the Cowanesque Lake State Park in Pennsylvania. The specific location of the recreation area can be identified by GPS coordinates or by using a park map. Access to the area is usually by road, and there might be signage to guide visitors.

Camping Facilities and Fees

The camping facilities at Lawrence Recreation Area typically include a range of options from tent sites to RV sites with different levels of amenities. Fees are usually charged for camping, and these can vary based on the site type and the season. Campers should check the latest fee schedules and whether any discounts or passes are applicable.

Camping Amenities

Amenities may include:

  • Electrical, water, and sewage hook-ups (for RVs)
  • Picnic tables and fire rings at each campsite
  • Restroom facilities with showers
  • Potable water access points
  • Dump stations for waste

Campers should inquire about the availability of these amenities when making reservations.

Reservations and Capacity

Reservations could be required, especially during peak seasons. Details on how to reserve a spot, the reservation window, and the maximum capacity for each campsite should be checked beforehand. There might be limits on the number of tents or vehicles per site.

Rules and Regulations

Campers need to follow specific rules designed to maintain the area's natural beauty and ensure safety for all visitors. These include:

  • Adherence to quiet hours
  • Proper disposal of waste
  • Restrictions on fires
  • Pet policies
  • Alcohol regulations

Recreational Activities

Beyond camping, Lawrence Recreation Area may offer recreational activities including:

  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Swimming
  • Wildlife viewing

Weather and Safety Precautions

Information on typical weather conditions, what to pack, and any prevalent wildlife concerns should be reviewed. Additionally, campers should be aware of safety precautions, especially if the lake is used for swimming or boating.


The area may offer accessible facilities for individuals with disabilities, but confirming the availability of these facilities when making reservations is essential.

Local Attractions and Services

Campers might be interested in local attractions outside the park or nearby services like grocery stores, gas stations, or restaurants. Information on these will enhance the camping experience.

Contact Information and Resources

Before your trip, it's important to have up-to-date contact information for the recreation area or park office. Websites, phone numbers, and visitor centers are crucial resources for current information on conditions, closures, or alerts.

For the most accurate and current information, contact the managing agency directly or visit the official website for Cowanesque Lake State Park or any affiliated state park services.

Location of Lawrence Recreation Area
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All campsites booked in Lawrence Recreation Area? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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