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Camping at Jamestown Modern Cabin Area

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Overview of Jamestown Modern Cabin Area

The Jamestown Modern Cabin Area is part of Pymatuning State Park, which is located on the shores of Pymatuning Lake in Pennsylvania. This cabin area provides visitors with a comfortable and modern camping experience while still allowing guests to enjoy the natural beauty and outdoor activities that Pymatuning State Park has to offer.

Cabin Facilities and Amenities

  • The cabins in the Jamestown Modern Cabin Area are usually equipped with modern amenities like electricity, indoor plumbing, a kitchen, and heating.
  • The cabins typically come with basic furnishings, such as beds, a dining table, and chairs.
  • Guests must usually provide their own bed linens, towels, cookware, and tableware.
  • Outside, cabins often have a picnic table and a fire ring or grill for outdoor cooking and gatherings.

Capacity and Reservation

  • The number of people that each cabin can accommodate varies, so you'll need to check the specific details for the cabin you're interested in.
  • Reservations can be made online through the Pennsylvania State Parks reservation system or by calling the park office. It is recommended to reserve well in advance, especially for peak seasons and weekends, as these cabins are popular.

Park Activities

  • Pymatuning Lake offers activities such as fishing, boating, and swimming. The park includes boat launches for those looking to explore the waters.
  • The park is home to a variety of wildlife and offers numerous opportunities for wildlife watching, especially the famous Pymatuning spillway where fish and ducks can be observed up close.
  • Hiking trails of varying lengths and difficulties provide a great way to explore the park's natural scenery.

Rules and Regulations

  • Pets may not be allowed in all cabins, and there may be designated pet-friendly cabins for which an additional fee is charged.
  • To steward the natural resources and ensure a comfortable stay for all visitors, park rules regarding quiet hours, trash disposal, and the use of park facilities must be followed.
  • Campfires are usually permitted in designated areas, and guests are required to source firewood locally to prevent the spread of invasive insect species.


  • Some cabins might be designed to accommodate guests with disabilities. Check for ADA accessible cabins if you or a member of your party requires such facilities.

Seasonal Information

  • The cabins are available for rental year-round, but amenities and available activities may vary depending on the season.
  • During the off-season (typically fall and winter), some park services might be reduced, and certain areas might be closed.

Contact Information and Reservations

  • For the most current information about the Jamestown Modern Cabin Area and to make a reservation, you should visit the official Pennsylvania State Parks website or contact the Pymatuning State Park office directly.
  • Always check for any alerts, such as weather-related issues or park renovations that might affect your stay.

Before planning your trip to the Jamestown Modern Cabin Area in Pymatuning State Park, always verify the current conditions, as facilities and policies may have changed since this information was last updated.

Location of Jamestown Modern Cabin Area
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All campsites booked in Jamestown Modern Cabin Area ? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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