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Camping at County Line Rd

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Overview of Susquehannock State Forest

Susquehannock State Forest, located in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, covers approximately 265,000 acres of land. This vast forest provides plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities, including hiking, mountain biking, wildlife observation, and camping. The forest is named after the Susquehannock tribe that once inhabited the region.

Camping Regulations

When planning to camp in areas like County Line Road within the Susquehannock State Forest, it's essential to be aware of the regulations set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). For the most current rules and regulations, always check the DCNR website or contact the local forest district office before your trip.

General camping guidelines typically include:

  • Permit Requirements: Depending on the exact location and duration of your stay, you may need to obtain a free camping permit.
  • Campfires: Campfires are generally allowed but should be managed responsibly, kept to a minimal size, and fully extinguished before leaving. During dry conditions, there may be fire restrictions.
  • Leave No Trace: Campers are expected to follow Leave No Trace principles, which means carrying out all trash, leaving the campsite as you found it, and minimizing your impact on the environment.
  • Camping Duration: There's usually a limit on how many consecutive nights you can stay in one spot (often not more than 14 days).
  • Group Size: There may be restrictions on the maximum size of camping groups to minimize the environmental impact.

Access and Amenities on County Line Road

Accessibility and road conditions:

  • County Line Road is typically a gravel or unpaved road, and it's important to check the conditions before traveling, as they can vary with the weather. Vehicles with higher clearance may be recommended.


  • As this is a State Forest, do not expect developed amenities such as electric hookups or running water. You will likely need to be self-sufficient and bring your own camping supplies.

Preservation and Safety


  • As with any natural area, it's crucial to preserve the habitat you are visiting. This includes respecting wildlife, not cutting down trees or vegetation, and avoiding the disturbance of any natural features.


  • Make sure to prepare for typical wilderness hazards, including wildlife encounters and changing weather conditions.
  • It's wise to let someone know your plans, including where you'll be camping and when you expect to return.

Activities in Susquehannock State Forest

Apart from camping, there are several activities to enjoy in the state forest:

  • Hiking: The forest has an extensive network of trails, including part of the Susquehannock Trail System, which is a favorite among hikers.
  • Fishing and Hunting: With the proper licenses, the forest is open for fishing and hunting. The area is home to trout streams and a diverse wildlife population.
  • Mountain Biking & Horseback Riding: Certain trails are designated for mountain biking and horseback riding.

Conclusion and Further Information

For those planning a camping trip along County Line Road within Susquehannock State Forest, being prepared with the right information and abiding by the forest regulations is key. Always verify the latest guidelines and conditions with the state forest authorities before your visit. Enjoy the wilderness experience while protecting the natural beauty of the forest for future visitors.

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