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Camping at Bald Eagle Launch

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Location and Accessibility

Bald Eagle State Park is located in central Pennsylvania, on the shores of the 1,730-acre Foster Joseph Sayers Reservoir. It's a popular place for outdoor recreation, including camping.

  • Address: The address for the main park office is 149 Main Park Road, Howard, PA 16841, which can be helpful for GPS navigation.
  • Accessibility: The Bald Eagle Launch is accessible by car, and the park provides parking facilities for visitors. Some areas of the park are ADA accessible, offering opportunities for visitors with disabilities.

Camping Information

Camping facilities near Bald Eagle Launch include modern campgrounds with a variety of amenities.

  • Types of Campsites: The park offers a mix of tent and trailer sites, some with full-service hookups including electricity, water, and sewer.
  • Reservations: Campsites can be reserved in advance through the Pennsylvania State Park Reservation System either online or by phone.
  • Season: The camping season typically runs from mid-April through mid-December, but check the latest information as dates can vary.

Facilities and Amenities

Campers at Bald Eagle State Park can enjoy a range of facilities, depending on the type of campsite they choose.

  • Restrooms: Modern restrooms with showers and flush toilets are available.
  • Picnic Tables and Fire Rings: Most sites include a picnic table and fire ring.
  • Dump Station: There's a sanitary dump station for the use of campers with RVs.

Activities and Recreation

Bald Eagle Launch offers access to a wide array of recreational activities.

  • Boating: The boat launch allows easy access to the lake for boating and fishing. Motorboats must display a valid boat registration from any state.
  • Fishing: The reservoir is home to warm water fishery. Common catches include bass, pike, and catfish.
  • Hiking: The park has several miles of hiking trails of varying difficulty.
  • Swimming: A 1,200-foot sand and turf beach is open from late-May to mid-September.

Regulations and Safety

To ensure a pleasant experience, campers are advised to abide by park rules and regulations.

  • Quiet Hours: Usually from 9 PM to 8 AM (verify upon arrival).
  • Alcohol: Alcohol is not permitted in many state parks, including Bald Eagle State Park.
  • Pets: Some camping loops allow pets, but check the specific regulations beforehand.
  • Wildlife: Do not feed wildlife and properly secure all food.

Reservations and Fees

Camping fees at Bald Eagle State Park may vary based on the type of site and amenities.

  • Reservation System: Reservations can be made through the official Pennsylvania state parks website or by calling the reservation call center.
  • Fees: Fees are subject to change, so it is best to check the current rates when planning your trip.

Contact Information

For the most recent and detailed information about camping at Bald Eagle Launch in Bald Eagle State Park, visitors can contact the park directly.

  • Phone: Use the park office's phone number for inquiries: +1 (814) 625-2775.
  • Online: Visit the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources website or the specific Bald Eagle State Park page.

Important Considerations

  • Weather Conditions: Be aware of the weather forecast and bring appropriate gear.
  • Check-in and Check-out Times: Know the established times for check-in and check-out to avoid conflicts.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Consider safety measures like knowing the closest hospital, having a first aid kit, and carrying a method of communication.

Always double-check current park regulations, reservation procedures, and campsite availability before planning your trip to ensure the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Location of Bald Eagle Launch
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