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Camping at Washington Cove Campground

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Washington Cove Campground is a camping facility located within the Copan Lake State Park in Oklahoma, not Washington. It's important to clarify that the campground is by Copan Lake, not in Washington state, as the name might suggest. Copan Lake is a Corps of Engineers operated lake that provides a variety of outdoor recreational activities. Below is essential information about the Washington Cove Campground.

Location and Access

Washington Cove Campground is situated on the banks of Copan Lake in northeastern Oklahoma, not far from the Kansas border. To access the campground:

  • Address: Typically, the site can be accessed by car and is located near the town of Copan, Oklahoma. Specific directions can be obtained by contacting the park or visiting their website.

Camping Facilities

Amenities at Washington Cove Campground include:

  • Campsites: The campground includes numerous campsites suitable for tents, RVs, and trailers.
  • Utility Hookups: Many sites come with utility hookups such as electricity and water. Details on sewer connections should be checked directly with the campground.
  • Restrooms: Clean restrooms and shower facilities are typically available for campers.
  • Picnic Areas: Each campsite often comes with a picnic table and a fire ring or grill.
  • Accessibility: Some sites may be ADA accessible.

Recreational Activities

Recreational options at Copan Lake and Washington Cove include:

  • Boating: The lake provides opportunities for boating activities with boat ramps available for launching.
  • Fishing: Anglers can enjoy fishing for species like crappie, largemouth bass, and catfish.
  • Hiking: There may be trails for hiking and wildlife observation in the area.
  • Swimming: Swimming areas may be available, depending on water conditions and park regulations.

Reservations and Availability

Booking a campsite at Washington Cove Campground can usually be done through:

  • The Corps of Engineers, Recreation.gov website, or another camping reservation system designated for the park.
  • Some sites may be first-come, first-served, but checking in advance is recommended, especially during peak seasons.

Rules and Regulations

A few key rules to be aware of at Washington Cove Campground may include:

  • Pets: Pets are often allowed but must be kept on a leash.
  • Quiet Hours: Quiet hours are typically enforced to ensure a peaceful experience for all campers.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol policies can vary and should be verified before arrival.
  • Campfires: Restrictions on campfires can apply, depending on conditions and local guidelines.

Local Attractions

Apart from the lake, the vicinity may offer other attractions such as:

  • Wildlife Refuges: Opportunities to explore local flora and fauna.
  • Historical Sites: There may be nearby historical sites relevant to Oklahoma’s heritage.

Contact Information

For current conditions, booking details, or any specific queries, the following contact information can be useful:

  • Phone Number: There's typically a contact number for the park administration or campground office.
  • Website: For real-time updates and reservations, visit the official Copan Lake or Corps of Engineers website as applicable.


Washington Cove Campground in Copan Lake State Park offers a variety of facilities and activities suitable for an enjoyable camping experience. To have the best possible trip, always confirm details such as weather conditions, water levels, and any recent changes to park policies before you visit.

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