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Camping at Chickasaw National Recreation Area Campground

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Chickasaw National Recreation Area, located in Sulphur, Oklahoma, offers visitors a blend of cultural history and natural beauty. With its springs, streams, and lakes, the area is a popular destination for camping, boating, hiking, and wildlife viewing.

Camping Information

Types of Campgrounds

There are various campgrounds available for visitors, including:

  • The Point Campground: Located on the Lake of the Arbuckles, this campground offers basic and electric sites suitable for both tents and RVs.
  • Cold Springs Campground: Nestled by Travertine Creek, Cold Springs has sites for tents and small RVs.
  • Rock Creek Campground: This campground accommodates tents and RVs and provides access to fishing and boating areas.
  • Buckhorn Campground: Both tents and RVs are welcome, and sites range from basic to full hookups.

Reservations and Fees

  • Most campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis, but some can be reserved in advance through the National Recreation Reservation System.
  • Fees vary depending on the type of campsite and amenities. You may need to pay extra for sites with electricity or water hookups.

Camping Season

  • The camping season at Chickasaw National Recreation Area is typically all year round, but certain campgrounds may have specific opening and closing dates.
  • Check beforehand to ensure the campgrounds and sites are open and available.

Facilities and Amenities

  • Restrooms and showers are available at various campgrounds within the park.
  • Picnic tables, fire rings, and grills are common at most campsites.
  • Some campgrounds have RV dump stations, potable water, and playgrounds.

Campground Rules

  • Quiet hours are typically enforced to ensure a peaceful experience for all visitors.
  • Campfires should be contained in designated fire rings or grills and never left unattended.
  • Wildlife should not be fed or harassed.
  • Pets are usually allowed but must be kept on a leash and under control at all times.
  • Always respect the leave-no-trace principles and dispose of garbage properly.

Activities in and around the Campgrounds

Recreational Opportunities

  • Water Activities: Canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and swimming are popular in the area's lakes and streams.
  • Trails: Hikers can enjoy a variety of trails that range from easy walks to challenging hikes.
  • Wildlife Viewing: The park is a habitat for many species of birds, deer, and other wildlife.
  • Visitor Center: Provides information and exhibits related to the area's natural and cultural history.

Safety and Regulations

Water Safety

  • Always swim in designated areas and wear life jackets when boating.

Wildlife Precautions

  • Maintain a safe distance from wild animals and store food securely to avoid attracting them.

Weather Preparedness

  • Check weather conditions before your trip; be prepared for sudden changes, especially if hiking or engaging in water activities.

Fire Safety

  • Follow park regulations regarding fire safety, considering wildfire risks during dry season.


When planning a camping trip to Chickasaw National Recreation Area Campground, being informed and prepared will ensure a safe and enjoyable visit. Respect the natural environment, adhere to the park's rules, and make sure to take advantage of the outdoor activities and beautiful landscapes that the area has to offer.

Location of Chickasaw National Recreation Area Campground
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