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Camping at Nutbush Campground - Area 4

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Overview of Nutbush Campground - Area 4

Nutbush Campground is one of several camping locations within the Kerr Lake State Recreation Area, which is a collective of multiple public recreation areas on the shores of Kerr Lake (also known as Buggs Island Lake), a reservoir along the North Carolina/Virginia border. Area 4 of Nutbush Campground offers various amenities for campers.

Location and Access

  • Address: Kerr Lake State Recreation Area is located in Henderson, NC. However, each campground area has its own specific entrance. For the precise directions to Area 4, you should check the state park's website or contact the park office.
  • Accessibility: Access to the campground is typically by car, and there is usually parking available for campers.

Camping Facilities and Information

  • Sites: Nutbush Campground - Area 4 provides a number of campsites that can accommodate both tent and RV camping. The specific features of each campsite, such as electric hookups and water availability, can vary.
  • Amenities: Campers can expect basic amenities such as picnic tables, grills, and restrooms. Some sites might also include fire rings.
  • Reservations: It is often recommended to reserve campsites in advance, especially during peak seasons. Check on the state park's website or call the park office for reservation details.
  • Fees: There is usually a nightly fee for camping. Fees can vary based on the type of site (e.g., tent vs. RV, primitive vs. electric hookups).

Recreational Activities

  • Boating and Fishing: Kerr Lake is well-known for boating and fishing activities. Boat ramps are usually available, and the lake is filled with various fish species.
  • Swimming: There are designated swimming areas in the Kerr Lake State Recreation Area. However, information on swimming availability in Area 4 specifically should be confirmed before visiting.
  • Hiking and Wildlife Viewing: There are multiple trails and opportunities for wildlife viewing throughout the recreation area.

Regulations and Safety

  • Campground Rules: Campers should adhere to posted rules, which typically include quiet hours, pet policies, and fire safety regulations.
  • Permits: A camping permit is often required, and you usually receive this upon check-in at the campground.
  • Wildlife Precautions: As in any natural area, beware of local wildlife and follow best practices to avoid attracting animals to camp sites with food or trash.

Booking and Contact Information

  • Reservations and Information: Campsite reservations can generally be made online through the park's reservation system or through a third-party reservation service. For the most current and specific information about Nutbush Campground - Area 4, contact the park office directly.
  • Contact Details: The phone number and email address for the park office can typically be found on the official state park website.

Additional Tips and Considerations

  • Seasonality: Some campgrounds, including parks of Nutbush Campground, may have seasonal operations. Check if Area 4 is open during your intended visit dates.
  • Local Attractions: Research nearby attractions and historical sites that may be of interest.

It's important to remember to review the specific campground's rules and advisories, which can be found on their official website or through information provided upon arrival. This ensures the safety of all campers and the protection of the natural environment.

Location of Nutbush Campground - Area 4
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All campsites booked in Nutbush Campground - Area 4? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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