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Camping at Sites 011-015

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General Overview

Kring Point State Park is a public recreation area located on a peninsula on the St. Lawrence River's American side in Jefferson County, New York. It's a popular spot for camping, fishing, boating, and enjoying picturesque river views. Sites 011-015 are specific campsites within the park.

Site Specifics

Site 011-015 Features:

  • Size: The exact dimensions can vary, but they should accommodate standard camping setups.
  • Electric Hookups: Check if any of these sites have electric service for RVs or other needs.
  • Water Access: Determine if there is direct water access for each site or a shared spigot nearby.
  • Fire Pit: Usually, each site will have a fire ring or pit for campfires.
  • Picnic Table: Most sites will have a picnic table provided for meals and gatherings.

Location and Views

  • Proximity to Water: Sites near the water's edge offer great views and easy access to the river for boating or fishing.
  • Privacy: They may vary in privacy depending on vegetation and distance between sites.
  • Shade: Verify if these sites offer ample shade through trees or other natural features.


  • Bathrooms: Check the proximity and quality of communal bathroom facilities.
  • Showers: Availability of showers and whether they are free or coin-operated.
  • Potable Water: Locations where you can fill up water containers for drinking and cooking.
  • Dump Station: If you're in an RV, confirm there is a dump station available for waste disposal.

Reservation and Check-In

  • Booking: You can book these sites through the New York State Parks website or a third-party booking system.
  • Check-in Time: Know the time you are allowed to check in to avoid arriving too early or late.
  • Check-out Time: Make sure to plan your departure according to the park's check-out policy to avoid any fees.

Rules and Regulations

  • Occupancy: Each site usually has a maximum number of occupants and a limit on tent or RV size.
  • Pets: Verify the park’s pet policy, including any leash rules or prohibited areas for pets.
  • Noise: There are likely quiet hours that you'll need to follow to respect other campers.
  • Firewood: Some parks restrict bringing in outside firewood due to pest concerns; inquire about local regulations.

Recreational Activities

  • Boating: Information about boat launches, dockage, and whether kayak or canoe rentals are available.
  • Fishing: The types of fish you can catch and whether a New York State fishing license is required.
  • Hiking: Trail maps and difficulty for any hiking trails in or near the park.
  • Swimming: Availability of swimming areas and any safety guidelines to follow.


  • Accessibility: If any of these sites are ADA accessible for individuals with disabilities.
  • Parking: Availability of parking spots near the campsites and any associated fees.

Contact Information

  • Park Office: Contact the park office for up-to-date information or to answer any specific questions about sites 011-015.
  • Emergency Services: Have a list of emergency contacts, such as park rangers, local hospitals, or law enforcement, in case of an emergency.

Note: Always check for the latest updates and changes to policies before planning your trip, as information can change from season to season.

Location of Sites 011-015
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