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Camping at Loop 2 Sites 025-048

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Ausable Point Campground is a scenic campsite that sits along the shores of Lake Champlain, near Peru, New York. If you're planning to stay specifically in Loop 2, sites 025-048, here is some important information about that area of the campground.

Site Details

Size and Composition

  • The sites in Loop 2 at Ausable Point Campground can vary slightly in size, but generally, they accommodate tents, trailers, and RVs, albeit size restrictions may apply.
  • The pad types for parking can vary between gravel and natural soil. It's crucial to check the specific site details before booking to ensure it fits your equipment.

Shade and Vegetation

  • Many sites will have a mixture of sun and shade, as the area is partially wooded. The level of privacy and shade can vary from one site to another due to natural vegetation.


  • Some sites may offer accessibility features for individuals with mobility challenges. Confirm such details during your booking if required.


Electric Hookups

  • Typically, loop sites at Ausable Point do not offer electric hookups, so be prepared for a more rustic camping experience. Verify the availability of electricity at your specific site if needed.

Water Access

  • Potable water spigots are available throughout the campground, though individual sites may not have a dedicated water hookup.


  • Restrooms with flush toilets are usually located conveniently within each loop, including Loop 2. In some instances, you may also find shower facilities nearby.

Fire Pits and Picnic Tables

  • Most sites will come with a fire ring and a picnic table.


Swimming and Beach Access

  • Ausable Point Campground typically offers swimming opportunities with the presence of a beach along Lake Champlain.


  • There's a boat launch site at the campground, making it a popular choice for kayakers, canoeists, and motor boaters. Be aware of any local regulations regarding invasive species prevention and fishing licenses.


  • Lake Champlain is known for good fishing opportunities, so remember your fishing gear and ensure you have the necessary licenses.

Hiking and Wildlife Viewing

  • The area around Ausable Point allows for hiking and bird watching. The campground is adjacent to the Ausable Marsh Wildlife Management Area, providing ample wildlife viewing chances.

Reservations and Check-In

  • Reservations can often be made online or by phone, and it's advisable to book as early as possible since sites can fill up quickly, particularly during peak seasons.
  • Check-in procedures will be provided upon reservation or upon arrival, usually involving registration at a campground office.

Rules and Regulations


  • Pets are typically allowed, but they must be leashed and cleaned up after. Some areas such as beaches or buildings may have restrictions regarding pets.

Quiet Hours

  • Respect quiet hours; these are usually from late evening until early morning.

Alcohol and Fires

  • Alcohol consumption may be restricted to designated areas, and fire regulations must be followed strictly. Only burn wood in fire pits and never leave fires unattended.


  • Do not feed wildlife and use bear-proof containers when necessary.


  • Use designated garbage and recycling facilities to keep the campground clean.

Safety and Emergency Information

  • Always follow posted warnings for water safety and know the emergency procedures for the campground.
  • Be prepared with a first aid kit, and know where the nearest hospital or urgent care facility is located.
  • It is advisable to share your itinerary with a contact, and know where to get help if needed within the campground.

Before your visit, check the latest information from the Ausable Point Campground's official resources or contact the campground directly for the most current details specific to Loop 2, sites 025-048.

Location of Loop 2 Sites 025-048
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All campsites booked in Loop 2 Sites 025-048? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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