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Camping at Edward MacDowell Lake Day Use Facilities

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Edward MacDowell Lake Day Use Facilities form part of the Edward MacDowell Lake State Recreation Area, located in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, this recreation area provides opportunities for a variety of outdoor activities such as picnicking, swimming, fishing, hiking, and boating.

Features and Amenities

Picnic Areas:

  • The day-use area includes numerous picnic sites equipped with tables and grills. These are ideal for family gatherings or a simple day out in nature.


  • A designated swimming area is available for visitors. However, a lifeguard is not typically on duty, so swimming is at your own risk.

Boat Ramp:

  • Boaters can take advantage of the boat ramp at the lake. Note that motorized boats are subject to horsepower restrictions.


  • Trails around the lake provide opportunities for walking, hiking, and nature observation. Wildlife and varied plant life can be enjoyed along these paths.


  • Children's playground equipment is available, making it a family-friendly destination.


  • The lake is stocked with various species of fish. Anglers can fish from the shore or a boat. Appropriate fishing licenses are required.


  • The facilities are designed to be accessible to visitors with disabilities. This includes accessible restrooms and parking areas.

Rules and Regulations


  • Alcohol is typically not permitted in the day-use area.


  • Pets are allowed but must be kept on a leash and under control. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.


  • There may be day-use fees applicable for using the facility. It is advisable to check the latest information regarding fees before planning your visit.

Hours of Operation:

  • The day-use area is open during daylight hours, but it’s always a good idea to check current hours of operation as they can vary by season.


  • Some facilities, such as group picnic shelters, may be reserved in advance. Other areas are typically available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Safety Tips

  • Water Safety: Always supervise children near the water and consider wearing a life jacket when boating.
  • Weather Awareness: Be conscious of the weather forecast and prepare for changes in conditions.
  • Leave No Trace: Pack out what you pack in, and dispose of trash in designated receptacles.
  • Wildlife: Observe wildlife from a distance, and do not feed animals to avoid altering their natural behaviors.

Contact Information

For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the Edward MacDowell Lake Day Use Facilities, it's best to contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers directly or visit their official website. They can provide details on current conditions, potential closures, and any other specific questions you may have.

By following the rules and regulations provided by the recreation area authorities, you can ensure a pleasant and safe visit to Edward MacDowell Lake Day Use Facilities. Enjoy the natural beauty and recreational opportunities on your next camping outing or day trip.

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