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Camping at BEACH AREA 13

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Overview of Lake McConaughy SRA

Lake McConaughy State Recreation Area (SRA) is a popular destination in Nebraska, with the lake itself often referred to as "Big Mac." It is the largest reservoir in the state, offering a variety of recreational activities, including camping, boating, fishing, and swimming. The lake is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, and Beach Area 13 is one of several designated areas around the lake.

Camping at Beach Area 13

Reservations and Permits: Camping at Beach Area 13, like other areas around Lake McConaughy, may require a reservation during peak seasons, as well as a valid Nebraska Park Entry Permit. Make sure to check the latest requirements and availability before you plan your trip.

Types of Camping: Beach Area 13 typically offers both tent and RV camping. Since facilities and allowed camping types can vary from year to year, it's important to verify the current status. Some areas may offer primitive camping with limited amenities, while others might have more developed sites.

Amenities: The amenities available at Beach Area 13 can include basic facilities such as restrooms and picnic tables. More developed areas might provide hookups for RVs, showers, and potable water. However, if you're aiming for a more rustic experience, prepare for the possibility of fewer comforts.

Rules and Regulations: When camping at Beach Area 13, adhere to all posted rules and regulations. This includes following fire safety guidelines, respecting quiet hours, maintaining cleanliness, and properly disposing of waste. There may also be specific rules regarding the length of stay, the number of vehicles per campsite, and pet policies.

Activities: Lake McConaughy offers a wide range of activities, and visitors at Beach Area 13 can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, boating, and water sports. Fishing is popular, with the lake well-stocked with various species. Hiking and wildlife viewing are also enjoyable pastimes in the area.

Booking and Contact Information

Before heading out to Beach Area 13, it's advisable to book your spot (if reservations are required) and check the latest information from the official Lake McConaughy website or contact the park directly.

Contact Details: To get the most current information, you may contact:

  • Lake McConaughy Visitor/Water Interpretive Center Phone: Typically, a contact number is provided for visitor inquiries.

  • Online Resources: Visit the official Nebraska Game and Parks Commission website dedicated to Lake McConaughy SRA to find maps, brochures, reservation links, and updates on park conditions.

Make sure to secure your camping permits, understand campground etiquette, and be ready for a variety of conditions while enjoying your stay at Beach Area 13.

Location of BEACH AREA 13
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