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Camping at Gull Lake Recreation Area

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Gull Lake Recreation Area is situated in the Mississippi River Headwaters at Gull Lake. It is located near Brainerd, Minnesota, and is part of the larger state park system. The recreation area provides access to the clear waters of Gull Lake and typically offers a range of outdoor activities.

Activities and Amenities

Boating and Fishing: Gull Lake is known for excellent boating and fishing opportunities, where anglers can catch a variety of species including walleye, northern pike, and bass.

Camping Options: The recreation area offers camping facilities, which typically include sites for tents as well as RV camping spots with electrical hookups. Campground amenities usually encompass fire rings, picnic tables, flush toilets, and shower facilities.

Trails: Hiking trails may be available for campers and visitors looking to explore the surrounding natural beauty of the park. These trails can offer scenic views and wildlife observation opportunities.

Swimming: For those looking to swim, Gull Lake Recreation Area often has a designated swimming area, however, visitors should check for safety advisories and lifeguard availability.

Regulations and Safety

Fishing and Boating Regulations: Visitors planning to fish or use a boat on Gull Lake should be aware of Minnesota state fishing and boating regulations, including licensing requirements.

Campfires and Firewood: To prevent the spread of invasive species, there may be restrictions on bringing in outside firewood. Campers are typically advised to purchase firewood locally.

Wildlife Precautions: As in most natural areas, campers should be aware of local wildlife and take appropriate precautions to store food and dispose of waste properly.

Weather Readiness: Due to the varying weather conditions, visitors are advised to come prepared for rain, sun, and potential temperature swings.

Reservations and Fees

Booking a Campsite: Campsites at Gull Lake Recreation Area are often reservable in advance, and it's recommended to book early, particularly for peak camping seasons.

Park Entrance Fees: An entrance fee or vehicle permit may be required to gain access to the park. These fees are typically used for maintenance and management of the state park's resources.


Accessible Facilities: The recreation area may provide accessible facilities for individuals with disabilities, but visitors should confirm the availability of these amenities by contacting the park office directly.

Local Attractions

Nearby Towns and Services: The town of Brainerd and surrounding areas can offer additional accommodations, dining, and shopping options as well as emergency services if needed.

Cultural and Historical Sites: Gull Lake is in a region with a rich history and culture. Visitors may find local historical sites, cultural centers, and events nearby that provide insights into the region's heritage.

Contact Information and Resources

For the most current and accurate information regarding Gull Lake Recreation Area, it's advised to contact the park directly or visit state park's official website for updates on rules, regulations, and conditions. Additionally, state park offices can provide maps, brochures, and other visitor information to enhance your camping experience.

Location of Gull Lake Recreation Area
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