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Camping at Camp Round Meadow Campground

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Overview of Camp Round Meadow Campground

Camp Round Meadow is a four-dormitory camp offering year-round facilities for groups in Catoctin Mountain Park, Maryland. Unlike typical campgrounds, Round Meadow is designed for larger groups such as educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies, rather than family or individual camping.

Facilities and Amenities

  • Dormitories: There are four dorms, each accommodating up to 30 individuals. These facilities are heated and have electrical outlets.
  • Dining Hall: Equipped with a commercial kitchen for group meal preparation. Groups must bring their own food and kitchen supplies.
  • Multi-Purpose Building: Available for meetings, trainings, or workshops, complete with audio-visual equipment.
  • Recreational Space: Outdoor space includes a large playing field suitable for various activities and is shared with other camping loops.

Environmental Education and Activities

Catoctin Mountain Park offers various environmental education programs. Groups staying at Camp Round Meadow can participate in:

  • Hiking: Multiple trails throughout the park, ranging from easy to challenging.
  • Wildlife Watching: Opportunities to observe deer, birds, and other wildlife in their natural habitat.
  • Ranger Programs: Ranger-led programs can be arranged for groups, covering topics like conservation, history, and wildlife.

Booking and Group Requirements

  • Reservations: Advanced reservations are required for group camping at Camp Round Meadow. You can make reservations through the National Recreation Reservation System (NRRS) or by contacting the park directly.
  • Group Size: Facilities can accommodate educational and organized groups with a minimum number of participants, typically around 10 but may vary.
  • Permit: A special-use permit may be required for certain activities and events.

Regulations and Safety

  • Check-In: All groups must check-in with the camp manager or park staff upon arrival.
  • Quiet Hours: Generally enforced to ensure a peaceful environment for all park visitors.
  • Alcohol and Pets: Typically prohibited in group camping areas, but it's best to check current rules as they may change.
  • Fire Safety: Campfires are allowed in designated areas, but groups must follow all fire safety guidelines and restrictions.

Location and Access

Camp Round Meadow is located within Catoctin Mountain Park. The campground's address and specific driving directions should be obtained from the park's official communication or website to ensure accurate navigation.

Important Considerations

  • Weather: Be prepared for varying weather conditions, especially if visiting in winter, as the camp continues to operate year-round.
  • Wildlife: Proper storage of food and trash is essential to protect wildlife and maintain safety.
  • Accessibility: Visitors should check in advance to learn about the accessibility of facilities for individuals with disabilities.

Contact Information

For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding Camp Round Meadow Campground, it's advisable for potential visitors to contact Catoctin Mountain Park directly:

  • Phone: Reach out to the park's main contact number for inquiries.
  • Website: Visit the National Park Service website for Catoctin Mountain Park.

Groups considering a stay at Camp Round Meadow are encouraged to plan well in advance and to communicate closely with park staff to ensure a successful and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Location of Camp Round Meadow Campground
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All campsites booked in Camp Round Meadow Campground? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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