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Camping at Brandywine Campground

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Overview of Brandywine Campground

Brandywine Campground is situated within the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests which cover large areas across Virginia, West Virginia, and a small part of Kentucky. This campground offers a scenic spot perfect for a range of outdoor activities including camping, hiking, fishing, and swimming.


Brandywine Campground is located in the state of West Virginia. Before heading to the campground, it is important to confirm the exact location and how to get there through the Forest Service’s website or by contacting the local ranger district for the most up-to-date information.

Camping Facilities

Camping Facilities at the campground typically include basic amenities such as:

  • Campsites with picnic tables and fire rings
  • Drinking water
  • Vault toilets

The campground may also offer sites suitable for both tents and RVs, though it is important to check if there are any hookups available for RVs (electricity, water, sewer) as many sites in national forests are more primitive.


Recreational Activities for visitors at Brandywine Campground and surrounding areas can include:

  • Trails: Hiking trails are often available for all skill levels. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the region on foot.
  • Fishing: Streams and rivers in the vicinity might be excellent for fishing. Anglers would need to observe state fishing regulations and acquire the appropriate licenses.
  • Wildlife Viewing: These forests are home to a diverse range of wildlife which can include deer, black bears, and numerous bird species.
  • Swimming: Some campgrounds have swimming areas, but visitors should always check for safety advisories.

Reservations and Fees

Reservations may or may not be available depending on the campground. Some sites operate on a first-come, first-served basis. It is always advisable to check beforehand through services like Recreation.gov or the Forest Service.

Fees might be required for camping. These vary according to the site and the kind of services provided. The fee structure should be confirmed prior to arrival.

Regulations and Safety

National forests generally have their own Regulations to protect the environment and ensure the safety of all visitors. Common regulations include:

  • Fire safety rules, including the use of fire rings and observing fire bans
  • Proper disposal of waste, with many areas following Leave No Trace principles
  • Rules regarding the interaction with wildlife
  • Pet policies, often requiring dogs to be on a leash

Safety is paramount while camping, and visitors should always be prepared for sudden changes in weather and should have knowledge of basic wilderness first aid.

Seasonal Access

The campground may have Seasonal Access, with certain facilities only open during specific times of the year, generally around the warmer months. Always check the opening schedules and any seasonal restrictions that might be in place.

Contact Information

Before visiting, it's best to obtain Contact Information for the Brandywine Campground or the ranger district responsible for it. Having updated information and contact details can help resolve any questions regarding current conditions, regulations, and reservations.

Before setting out for Brandywine Campground, it is essential to confirm all of the above information directly with the forest service or through official websites, since facilities, services, and regulations can change based on management decisions, weather conditions, and other factors.

Location of Brandywine Campground
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