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Camping at Dolliver Cabins

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Location and Overview

Dolliver Memorial State Park is located in Webster County in the state of Iowa. It's known for its beautiful wooded hills, deep ravines, and the Des Moines River running alongside it. The park offers several outdoor activities and accommodations, including cabins, which are a popular choice for visitors looking for a more comfortable camping experience.

Cabins Details

Facilities and Amenities: The Dolliver Cabins provide a rustic but somewhat modern camping experience. Amenities typically include:

  • Basic furniture such as beds, a table, and chairs
  • Electricity and heating for comfort
  • Kitchenette with basic appliances like a refrigerator and stove
  • Restroom facilities are either available inside the cabin or located nearby
  • A fire ring and/or an outdoor grill for campfires and cooking

Capacity and Types: The park may offer different types of cabins, ranging from smaller ones ideal for couples or small families to larger cabins that can accommodate groups. Always check the cabin's capacity when you're reserving to ensure it meets your needs.

Reservations and Costs

Booking Process: Cabins at Dolliver can be reserved through the Iowa State Parks reservation system, which is available online. Reservations are typically made in advance, sometimes as much as a year out for popular times such as weekends and holidays.

Fees: The cost to rent a cabin at Dolliver Memorial State Park can vary depending on the size of the cabin, the time of year, and the length of stay. It's best to consult the official state park website or the reservation system for the most current pricing information. There might also be additional fees for pets, if they are allowed.

Activities in the Area

Visitors to Dolliver Memorial State Park can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities including:

  • Hiking: The park has several miles of trails that meander through the scenic landscape.
  • Canoeing and Kayaking: The Des Moines River provides opportunities for water activities.
  • Fishing: Anglers can try their luck in the river, which is stocked with various fish species.
  • Picnicking: There are spots throughout the park perfect for a family picnic.
  • Nature Observation: The park's biodiversity makes it a good place for bird watching and observing wildlife.

Policies and Regulations

Pets: Policies regarding pets can vary, so check whether they are allowed in the cabins or in the park, and what additional fees or rules may apply.

Firewood: To prevent the spread of tree diseases, many state parks have rules about bringing in firewood. Check the park's policy, and expect to purchase firewood locally if needed.

Alcohol: Many state parks have specific regulations about alcohol consumption on the premises. Verify what the rules are to avoid any issues during your stay.

Check-In/Check-Out Times: Like hotels, cabins usually have set check-in and check-out times. Make sure to adhere to these times unless you have made prior arrangements with the park staff.

Quiet Hours: Most parks enforce quiet hours to ensure a peaceful experience for all campers. Be sure to understand and follow these hours.

Contact Information and Resources

For the most accurate and up-to-date information about Dolliver Cabins, it's recommended to:

  • Visit the Iowa State Parks official website
  • Contact the park directly by phone or email for inquiries
  • Look through online reviews and travel forums for additional tips and advice from previous visitors

Park Address: Dolliver Memorial State Park 2757 Dolliver Park Ave Otho, IA 50569

Phone Number: The park's contact number can be found on the Iowa State Parks official website or through a directory assistance service.

By confirming the details and policies with official resources, you can plan a smooth and enjoyable camping trip to Dolliver Cabins.

Location of Dolliver Cabins
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