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Camping at Cherry Glen Picnic Campground

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Basic Overview

Cherry Glen Picnic Campground is located near the Saylorville Lake, which is a reservoir on the Des Moines River in central Iowa. The area offers various recreational activities and is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The campground itself provides visitors with access to picnic areas, hiking trails, and water activities on the lake.

Campground Facilities

  • Picnic Areas: The campground has numerous picnic sites equipped with tables and grills.
  • Restrooms: Modern restrooms are usually available for visitor use, some may have shower facilities.
  • Playground: There may be playground equipment for children in certain areas.


  • Hiking and Biking: There are trails available for hiking and biking, offering views of the natural surroundings and wildlife.
  • Boating: With access to Saylorville Lake, boating is a popular activity. There may be boat ramps available for launching personal boats.
  • Fishing: Anglers are typically drawn to the lake for its fishing opportunities, targeting species such as bass, crappie, and walleye.

Camping Specifics

  • Camping Options: The campground may offer a range of options from tent sites to RV spaces. Some sites might have electric hookups, others may be more primitive.
  • Reservations: Visitors may need to reserve a campsite in advance, especially during peak seasons or on weekends.
  • Fees: There could be a fee for camping and other amenities. These fees can vary based on the type of site and the season.

Safety and Regulations

  • Wildlife: As with any outdoor area, wildlife encounters are possible. It's important to store food securely and dispose of waste properly.
  • Fire Safety: Campfires must be contained within designated fire rings or grills and should never be left unattended.
  • Water Safety: When participating in water activities, wear life jackets and take proper precautions.


  • The campground typically offers some sites or facilities that are accessible to people with disabilities, but it's always best to check ahead for specific accommodations.

Visitor Tips

  • Check Weather: Be prepared for changing weather conditions and plan accordingly, especially if you'll be out on the water.
  • Local Regulations: Familiarize yourself with the local rules and regulations, including any fire restrictions or fishing limits.
  • Insect Protection: Bring insect repellent, especially during the warmer months when mosquitoes and ticks can be prevalent.

Contact Information and Directions

  • To get current information such as operating hours, specific regulations, and event listings, it's crucial to contact the park directly or visit the official website.
  • For directions, use a trusted map service or GPS, inputting "Cherry Glen Picnic Campground" as your destination and ensure you have the correct Saylorville Lake location.

Always remember to leave the area as you found it, following the principles of Leave No Trace to help preserve the environment for future visitors.

Location of Cherry Glen Picnic Campground
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