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Versailles State Park is located in Indiana, USA, and offers various camping options, including the Versailles Youth Tent Camp #3. This camp is specifically designed for youth groups such as scout troops or school organizations.

Booking and Availability

Booking: Reservations for Versailles Youth Tent Camp #3 can typically be made by contacting the park office directly. It is common for state parks to allow reservations up to six months in advance, but this can vary, so it is important to check the specific rules for Versailles State Park.

Availability: The availability of the youth tent camp might depend on the season and demand. It's often reserved for specific use by youth groups, and as such, might have limited public availability.

Facilities and Amenities


  • Tent camping sites
  • Pit toilets
  • Drinking water access
  • Picnic tables
  • Fire rings

Amenities: Specific amenities for Youth Tent Camp #3 are often basic, considering it is a youth group facility, and can include the essentials for tent camping. However, additional park facilities might be available elsewhere in the park.


Outdoor Adventure: Youth Tent Camp #3 provides numerous opportunities for outdoor education and adventure. Activities can include hiking, fishing, and exploring trails.

Learning Experiences: The camp setting is conducive to team-building exercises and environmental education programs that are often part of youth group camping experiences.

Rules and Regulations

Conduct: There are usually strict rules to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all campers. These can include:

  • Supervision by adults for youth groups
  • Adherence to quiet hours
  • Restrictions on alcohol and controlled substances

Fire Safety:

  • Fires are typically allowed only in designated fire rings
  • Follow state park regulations regarding firewood to prevent the spread of invasive species


Access to this youth tent camp may be somewhat limited compared to other camping areas within the park due to its designation for group use. Check with the park regarding accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

Contact Information

For the most current and detailed information, reaching out to Versailles State Park directly is recommended.

Park Office: Contact details can be found on the Indiana Department of Natural Resources website or through state park literature.

Remember to verify the information regarding Versailles Youth Tent Camp #3 as details can change, and seasonal variations may influence camping conditions and park operations.

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All campsites booked in VERSAILLES YOUTH TENT CAMP #3? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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