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Camping at Loop D

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Poe Paddy State Park is a public recreation area located in Penn Township, Centre County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. The state park is in a valley on the banks of Penns Creek and is surrounded by the rugged mountains of the state forest. It is a popular area for camping, hiking, fishing, and enjoying the natural beauty of the Pennsylvania wilderness.

Camping Information - Loop D

Loop D is one of the camping loops within Poe Paddy State Park. Here are some important details you may need to know if you are planning to camp at Loop D:

  • Reservations: Camping at Loop D may require a reservation, especially during peak seasons or weekends. Reservations can typically be made online through the Pennsylvania State Parks reservation system or by calling the park directly.

  • Sites: Loop D consists of a number of campsites. Each site may offer different amenities like a picnic table, fire ring, and possibly electric hookups. It is important to check the specifics of each site when making a reservation.

  • Campsite Types: The types of campsites available can vary and may include tent sites, RV sites, and possibly small cabins or yurts. The presence of such facilities would depend on the park's specific offerings.

  • Facilities: Common facilities in camping loops include bathhouses with restrooms and showers, potable water spigots, and a dump station for RVs. However, it's crucial to confirm the availability of these facilities in Loop D.

  • Pets: Check the pet policy if you plan to bring your pet. Some state parks allow pets at designated campsites, while others may have restrictions.

  • Activities: Nearby activities can include hiking, fishing, swimming, or wildlife viewing. Information about trails, access points for fishing, and other recreational opportunities should be available at the park office or website.

  • Campfire Rules: There will likely be rules regarding campfires, including where you can collect firewood or whether you need to bring in certified wood to prevent the spread of invasive insects.

  • Quiet Hours: Respect the quiet hours, typically enforced in the evening to early morning, to ensure a peaceful experience for all campers.

  • Accessibility: Check if any sites in Loop D are ADA accessible if you require accommodations for disabilities.

  • Contact Information: Ensure you have the park's contact information in case of emergencies or the need for assistance during your stay.

For the most accurate and specific information regarding Loop D camping at Poe Paddy State Park, contact the park directly or visit their official website. Park policies, fees, and amenities can change, so it's always best to have the latest information before you head out on your trip.

Location of Loop D
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All campsites booked in Loop D? Create a scan and we’ll notify you when somebody cancels.
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