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Camping at Flatiron Campground

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Overview of Flatiron Campground

Flatiron Campground is situated near the Flatiron Reservoir, which is part of the Larimer County park system in Colorado. The reservoir itself is a 47-acre body of water located west of Loveland, offering a serene setting for campers and day visitors alike. The campground is typically known for its beautiful scenery, including views of the nearby mountains and the reservoir.

Camping Reservations and Fees

Reservations: Reservations for Flatiron Campground are highly recommended, especially during the peak season, which typically runs from late spring through early fall. You can book a campsite online through the Larimer County Department of Natural Resources reservation system or by calling their reservation line.

Fees: Camping fees at Flatiron Campground vary depending on the type of site you are booking (e.g., standard non-electric, standard electric). In addition to the nightly camping fee, there may be reservation fees, park entrance fees, or vehicle pass fees. It is best to check the latest fee schedule on the Larimer County Department of Natural Resources website or contact their office for the most current information.

Camping Facilities and Amenities


  • Campsites: The campsites at Flatiron Campground include both basic non-electric sites and sites with electric hookups. Each site generally has a picnic table and a campfire ring or grill.
  • Restrooms and Showers: The campground is equipped with vault toilets. Shower facilities may not be available directly at the campground, so come prepared for that possibility.
  • Water Access: Potable water spigots are usually spread throughout the campground, but it's recommended to bring your own drinking water just in case.
  • RV Accommodations: Sites that accommodate RVs often include electric hookups, but check in advance for other RV services like dump stations or water fill stations.


  • Fishing opportunities in the reservoir (with a valid Colorado fishing license).
  • Boating is permitted on the reservoir, but it may be limited to vessels with electric trolling motors or those that are human-powered, due to varying regulations.
  • Hiking trails are accessible in the area, offering stunning views and wildlife sighting opportunities.
  • Picnic areas are available for day use.

Campground Rules and Regulations

  • Fires: Campfires are usually allowed in the provided rings or grills, but this can change based on local fire restrictions. Always check current conditions.
  • Pets: Pets are typically allowed but must be kept on a leash and under control. Be sure to pick up after your pets and follow any campground-specific pet rules.
  • Quiet Hours: Respect quiet hours, often enforced from late evening until morning.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol policies may vary, so check the campground regulations regarding consumption at your site.
  • Garbage: Pack out all trash and make use of designated receptacles to keep the area clean and wildlife safe.
  • Stay Limit: There is usually a maximum stay limit for campers to ensure everyone has a chance to enjoy the campground.

Activities and Attractions Nearby

Local Attractions:

  • Rocky Mountain National Park: A short drive from Flatiron Reservoir, this national park offers breathtaking scenery, an array of wildlife, and endless hiking trails.
  • Loveland: The city of Loveland is nearby and has shopping, dining, and cultural attractions, including the Loveland Sculpture Park.
  • Estes Park: A popular tourist destination with plenty of shops, restaurants, and outdoor activities.

Outdoor Activities:

  • Mountain biking, rock climbing, and horseback riding are popular in the surrounding area.
  • Winter sports, like skiing and snowboarding, are accessible further into the mountains.

Accessibility Information

The campground management is committed to providing equal access to all visitors. Specific campsites may be designed to accommodate campers with disabilities. It's important to inquire about these sites when making a reservation if you have any accessibility needs.

For the most accurate and recent information, please check directly with the Larimer County Department of Natural Resources, as facilities, fees, and regulations may change.

Location of Flatiron Campground
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