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Top 10 RV Renovations of 2023

Heath and Alyssa-profile-image
Heath and Alyssa
May 8, 2024

TL;DR: 2023 showcased innovative RV renovations, transforming campers into luxurious, modern, and thematic homes on wheels, each with unique design highlights.

Top 10 RV Renovations of 2023

For years, RVers have grabbed a can of paint and turned their factory-built campers into surprisingly stunning homes on wheels. But in 2023, we saw some of the boldest, most creative renovations yet from RV enthusiasts and professional remodelers.

These renovators have taken their projects a step further, creating show-stopping designs that often no longer resemble manufactured campers anymore. Check out these incredible makeovers that will make you feel at home no matter where your wanderlust drives you.

1. Southern Glam Renovation

1 southern glam bathroom by alchemy renovations.jpeg

This fifth wheel renovation by Alchemy RV Renovations has all the comforts of a southern style home with an extra bit of glitz and glamour. Inspired by the city of Charleston, the renovator wanted to create a fifth wheel that felt like a "high-end luxury tiny home designed for both travel or full-time living."

This was a full renovation from the ground up. It features new flooring, fresh paint on the cabinets, wallpaper, a fireplace, and brand new furniture. Even details like the heater vent covers were replaced to create southern charm.

This renovation was one of our favorites of the year for the gorgeous wrap around kitchen, coffee bar, and luxury touches.

2. A Modern, Neutral Aesthetic)

2 modern neutral by Jessica Stallings.jpeg

For so many people thinking about renovating their camper, there is the question of "Can I still sell it when I'm done?" Keeping this in mind, this renovation is all modern lines and neutral colors. Boho light fixtures and mid-century modern furniture make this bright and airy camper warm and inviting.

3. Contemporary and Cozy

3 wine bar by rving dogs and wine.jpeg

This contemporary fifth wheel renovation by RVing Dogs and Wine offers mass appeal with blue-grey cabinets, gorgeous wood finishings, and a tile backsplash. What stood out on this renovation was the added wine bar, complete with bottle and glass racks. A modern slat wall and decorative shelves tuck the wine bar out of view from the main living area.

4. Maximilist Cottage

4 maximilist camper by five talents homes.jpeg

Minimalism is still popular when it comes to RV renovations, but the team at Five Talents Homes specializes in "maximilist" renovations full of color and textures. They are masters at finding the balance between adding color without overwhelming the space. In this cozy cottage vibe renovation, purples, pinks, and greens are used throughout the space. There is even a pink combo washer/dryer!

5. Jaw Dropping Toy Hauler by Driftless RV

Yes, this is a trailer! We love how unique toy hauler renovations can be because of the extra garage space. Opening up the back of this trailer adds endless sunlight to this 26' camper.

5 toy hauler living room by driftless rv renovators.jpeg

Toy haulers are the best renovations for getting ideas for how to make the most of a small footprint. This living room doubles as the master bedroom when a bed drops down from the ceiling and as the dining room when you flip up the convertible table. The "coffee table" is actually two stools pushed together that can be used to climb up into the bed.

6. Out of this World

6 spaceship-shower.jpeg

Casie and Igor of Tomaz Coast to Coast renovated this motorhome for a client who wanted an avant garde renovation that would stand out at Burning Man. Her vision: Turn the motorhome into a spaceship!

Dark grey interiors mimic the look of a metal rocketship with a black epoxy ceiling fixture reminicent of the Milky Way. Standing out in all the darkness is the spotlit plant wall that separates the living room from the extra large shower.

"We rolled fake moss down the chicken wire and used zip ties to hold it in. Then we added in more fake plants to plump it up," Casie said. Plant walls are already popular in stores and restaurants, I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing this trend more often in campers!

7. Vintage, Antique-Filled Airstream

Most RV renovations are focused on bringing campers up to date with modern styles. This vintage 1970s Airstream was taken back further in time when it was renovated with only antiques and vintage items. The renovator, Terri, nicknamed the style "grandma's attic" after spending months searching estate sales and antique shops to finish the old-fashioned interior.

7 vintage argosy-terri-closs-01.jpeg

8. An RV with a Mission

Perhaps the most drastic before-and-after of any renovation we've ever seen, this falling apart class C motorhome was rebuilt and turned into a a mobile dog rescue vehicle.

8 WallDamage-mobile-dog-rescue-remodel-rain2shine-ventures.jpeg

Alice of Rain2shine Ventures found endless water damage in the walls and loft of this motorhome that required replacing. With new walls and fiberglass, she turned the interior into a dog rescue vehicle that would allow volunteers to treat, wash, and rescue stray and abused dogs.

9. Cabin on Wheels

cabin style headboard by Chantal Keller-Ward.jpeg

This trailer was reimagined as an outdoorsy cabin with the addition of some custom woodworking. While most RV renovations we see involve painting the wood cabinets to eliminate the brown, this DIYer used cedar to add natural warmth. Cedar planks were cut and shaped to replace the bulky window valances, accent the cabinet doors, create a herringbone headboard, and build board and batten in the bathroom.

10. Fit for Gypsies

We see thousands of gorgeous RV renovations every year that worth mentioning. Narrowing it down to only ten was a feat! For this last RV, we had to choose an RV that was so meticulously detailed and unique that it will make you say wow—even if you hate it!

Gypsy-Trailer-Kitchen by Dusty and Cory Caswell.jpg

This gypsy-inpired renovation takes the cake with it's bold use of bright colors and unique textures. Every single inch of this camper was touched and refurbished, from the painted exterior and screen door reconstructed with lace to the ruffled fabric ceiling and cast iron air conditioning cover.

Top 10 RV Renovations of 2023

Every RV on this list made us say "wow" and topped our list of favorites in 2023! For tips and inspiration for tackling your own RV renovation, we share guides and advice on our website, RV Inspiration.

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