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Harvest Hosts Launches "Ask Your Doctor" Campaign: A Cure for Camping Dysfunction

Allison Smith-profile-image
Allison Smith
March 20, 2024

TL;DR: Harvest Hosts launches "Ask Your Doctor" campaign to cure "camping dysfunction" with humor, offering over 5,000 unique camping spots as the remedy for mundane RV trips.

Harvest Hosts Launches "Ask Your Doctor" Campaign: A Cure for Camping Dysfunction

In an innovative approach to reinvigorate the camping experience, Harvest Hosts, a leading name in unique RV camping experiences, today announced the launch of its latest campaign, "Ask Your Doctor." This clever campaign draws inspiration from the familiar format of pharmaceutical ads, humorously positioning Harvest Hosts as the remedy for what they've coined "camping dysfunction," a fictional ailment plaguing RV enthusiasts stuck in a rut of lackluster camping trips.

"Despite the unlimited possibilities of adventure that the RV lifestyle provides, we can’t help but notice there’s a huge group of RVers doing the same camping trips over and over again," says Carrie Price, Director of Brand Marketing at Harvest Hosts. "Our 'Ask Your Doctor' campaign is designed to bring a smile to RVers' faces while introducing them to the ultimate cure: a membership with Harvest Hosts, offering access to over 5,000 unique camping locations across North America."

The campaign, created by the agency Buffalo Groupe, features a series of spoof ads that mimic the style and tone of traditional pharmaceutical commercials, complete with humorous side effects such as excessive relaxation, an overabundance of joy, and a possible increase in wanderlust. By tapping into the nostalgia of these well-known ads, Harvest Hosts aims to engage viewers in a lighthearted way, encouraging them to rethink their camping experiences.

"Through this campaign, we want to remind everyone that camping doesn't have to be mundane. There's a vast, exciting world out there, and Harvest Hosts serves as the gateway to experiences far beyond the ordinary campground," adds Bill Zhang, CMO of Harvest Hosts. "Whether it's waking up in a vineyard, a farm, or near historical landmarks, we offer the antidote to camping dysfunction."

The "Ask Your Doctor" campaign will roll out across various digital platforms, including social media, email marketing, and the Harvest Hosts website, ensuring RV enthusiasts everywhere are aware of the fun, tongue-in-cheek way to address their camping woes.

If you’re experiencing camping dysfunction and are looking for a cure, head to curemycd.com to learn how Harvest Hosts can cure your camping dysfunction (and watch the ads).

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Allison Smith-profile-image
Allison Smith
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